Carlson Extra Wide 76″ Configurable Walk-Through Pet Gate with Pet Door and Safety Lock



Keep Your Pets Safe and Contained with Carlson’s Extra Wide Walk-Through Pet Gate

Do you need a pet gate that can span extra wide openings in your home? Are you looking for a sturdy gate with a convenient walk-through door? Then you need the Carlson Extra Wide 76″ Configurable Walk-Through Pet Gate.

This versatile gate is perfect for blocking off extra wide areas in your home. It expands to fit openings up to 76 inches wide, making it ideal for large doorways, wide hallways, stair landings, and more. The 30 inch tall steel frame helps keep your pets safely contained while allowing family members to easily pass through.

One of the great features of this gate is the built-in small pet door. This door measures 10 x 7 inches and has a locking panel that slides down to keep pets in or out. The pet door allows small dogs and cats to move freely through the gate while containing larger pets or kids. No more having to open the entire gate every time your small furry friend wants through!

Configuring and installing this gate is a breeze thanks to the adjustable width and included wall mounts. The width can be quickly adjusted using the thumb-triggered release mechanism. Once you have it set to the desired width, use the included wall mounts to securely attach the gate to your wall studs for added stability and security.

The walk-through door features a convenient handle and a safety locking feature to prevent pets from pushing through. The steel and wire mesh design is durable for security and visibility. When not needed, the gate can be easily removed and folded up for quick storage.

With its extra wide width capacity, built-in pet door, safety lock, and convenient walk-through design, the Carlson 76″ Configurable Pet Gate is the perfect solution for containing pets and creating safe zones in your home.

Key Features:

  • Expands to fit extra wide openings 76 inches wide
  • 30 inch tall steel frame helps contain pets
  • Built-in small pet door (10 x 7 inches) with locking panel
  • Adjustable width with thumb-triggered release mechanism
  • Walk-through door with safety locking feature
  • Includes wall mounts for added security
  • Durable steel and wire mesh construction
  • Folds up for easy storage when not needed

Keep Your Home Safe and Organized

The Carlson Extra Wide Pet Gate is perfect for safely separating rooms, blocking off staircases, and keeping pets contained in a safe zone. The 30 inch height helps deter dogs and cats from jumping over, while the included wall mounts add extra security and stability.

Use this gate to create safe play areas for kids and pets. The walk-through door allows you to easily enter and exit while keeping pets or young children secured on one side. The pet door is great for giving small dogs or cats access without letting large pets through.

In entryways and hallways, this gate helps prevent pets from darting out front doors or having access to off-limit areas of the home. The adjustable width can accommodate large, wide openings while still keeping pets contained.

On staircases, the Carlson Pet Gate helps protect curious pets and kids. Mount the gate at the bottom or top of stairs to prevent access and falls. The extra tall and wide steel frame provides a sturdy barrier on landings and stairwells.

The flexibility of this gate also makes it great for sectioning off areas of the home during gatherings with guests or separating anxious pets. When needed, the gate can be quickly mounted in a doorway or hallway and then removed and stored away after.

High Quality Steel Construction

This gate is constructed from high quality steel for optimal durability and security. The powder coated finish helps prevent rusting, scratching, and other wear and tear over time.

The walk-through door features strong steel mesh that prevents pets from pushing through while allowing full visibility. The pet door has a durable steel frame with a sliding lock panel to keep pets in or out.

All hardware is made from sturdy steel as well, including the thumb-triggered latch, adjustable rods, wall mounts, and more. The steel frame can withstand pets repeatedly pushing and chewing on the gate.

The durable construction ensures this gate can serve your home for years to come. The high quality materials and craftsmanship also mean you don’t have to worry about breakage, warping, or damage that could allow pets to escape.

Easy to Install and Adjust

Installing and adjusting the Carlson Pet Gate is simple thanks to the adjustable width and included hardware.

To install, first determine the width you need by expanding the rods. Use the thumb-triggered release mechanism to easily adjust the gate to your ideal width.

Once you have the gate set to the proper width, securely attach to the wall by screwing the included wall mounts into your wall studs. Using wall mounts provides extra stability and prevents pets from pushing the gate over.

If you ever need to move the gate to a different location, the installation process takes just minutes using the wall mounts. You can also remove the gate from the wall mounts when not needed for quick storage.

Adjusting the width is also a breeze thanks to the thumb latch release. Just use one hand to squeeze the latch and slide the rods inward or outward to your desired new width.

Thanks to the easy tool-free adjustment method and included wall mounts, you’ll be able to move this gate between locations and widths effortlessly.

Keep Your Pets Safe and Happy

Pets are curious explorers who don’t understand the dangers around your home. Keep your furry friends safe and contained while still giving them some freedom with the Carlson Extra Wide Configurable Pet Gate.

The small pet door allows tiny pets to move from room to room without compromising security for large pets. Your small cats or dogs can feel independent roaming through the pet door while your large dog stays safely contained on one side.

Pets may not love being kept out of certain rooms at first. But keeping them safely away from dangers like kitchen appliances, chemicals, medications, and stairs helps protect them and reduces anxieties. They’ll learn to love their new safe spaces and feel right at home.

With this high quality steel gate, you don’t have to worry about structural failures or breakage that could allow an escape. The secure construction gives you peace of mind while keeping your pets safely contained and protected.

Give your pets the freedom to roam safe zones of your home without sacrificing security with the Carlson 76″ Configurable Walk-Through Pet Gate. Your furry companions will love exploring their new pet-proofed spaces!


  • Dimensions: Expands 26″ to 76″ wide x 30″ high
  • Walk-through opening: 25.5″ wide x 30″ high
  • Pet door opening: 10″ x 7″ (with locking panel)
  • Steel construction with powder coated finish
  • Thumb-triggered latch for easy adjustment
  • Includes wall mounts for added security
  • Instruction manual included

Give your pets safe freedom and peace of mind with the Carlson 76″ Configurable Walk-Through Pet Gate. This extra wide gate is perfect for large openings, staircases, and active pets. Order today!


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