Candofly Rechargeable LED Dog Collar – Glow in The Dark Pet Safety Collar Cuttable Size Light Up Collars LED Dog Lights Keep Your Dog Visible & Safe for Night Walking (Green-Silicone)



Do you worry about your dog’s safety when walking them at night? Can you easily locate your pet when it’s dark outside? Now you can keep your dog visible and safe while walking in low light conditions with the Candofly Rechargeable LED Dog Collar. This amazing light up collar allows you to see your dog up to 100 feet away, ensuring they don’t wander off into the darkness.

Made from durable silicone, this LED dog collar is perfect for pets who love the outdoors. The bright LED lights encircle the entire collar, providing 360° illumination so you can see your dog from any angle. Unlike some cheaper models, the Candofly collar has LEDs embedded into the silicone, not just attached on the surface, so they won’t fall off.

This collar features 3 lighting modes – steady glow, quick flash, and slow flash. Choose steady glow for prolonged visibility or opt for the flashing modes when you want to quickly identify your dog in the distance. The collar is also fully rechargeable via USB, so you’ll never have to deal with changing batteries. One charge provides up to 7 hours of continuous use.

Adjustable and cuttable for the perfect custom fit, this collar will be comfortable for your dog to wear. Simply use scissors to shorten the collar to your desired length. Suitable for dogs of all sizes, light up their walks, hikes, or backyard playtime. The bright green color also helps add visibility during the day.

Why Choose the Candofly Rechargeable LED Dog Collar?

360° Illumination – Bright LEDs encircle the entire collar providing visibility of your dog from all angles

Flexible Sizing – Adjustable length from 14″ – 27.5″ and easily cuttable for a perfect custom fit

3 Light Modes – Choose from steady glow or flashing modes for visibility or identification

Durable Design – Made from sturdy silicone that withstands dog bites and the outdoors

Long-lasting – Rechargeable battery provides up to 7 hours of light on one charge

Weatherproof – Rain and snow won’t affect the LEDs or electronics

Light up your dog walks and keep your pet safe with the Candofly LED Dog Collar. Order today for your glow in the dark collar!

Keep Your Dog Visible and Safe at Night

Do you dread walking your dog at night? Trying to keep an eye on your pup when it’s dark can be difficult and even dangerous. Your beloved pet could dart off into the darkness, unseen by cars or people. But now the Candofly LED Dog Collar makes it easy to spot your pooch, even from far away.

This amazing LED collar lights up your dog so they’ll be seen from up to 100 feet away. The bright lights fully encircle the collar for 360° visibility. You’ll be able to quickly identify your dog, keeping them safe on night time walks. Choose from three modes – steady glow, fast flash, and slow flash. Pick steady for prolonged light or opt for a flashing mode to see your dog from a distance.

Rechargeable and Fully Adjustable

What’s great about the Candofly collar is that it’s rechargeable via USB, so no batteries to replace. One charge gives you up to 7 hours of continuous light. It also has an adjustable length from 14″ up to 27.5″, perfect for dogs of all sizes. Simply customize the length you need with scissors for your dog’s neck. No more returns due to sizing problems!

The collar is made from durable silicone that can withstand dog bites and the outdoors. Rain and snow won’t affect the LEDs or electronics so it’s ideal for all weather walks. Unlike cheaper models, the LEDs are embedded into the material – not just glued on – so they stay put. This well-made collar is built to last.

Safely Locate Your Dog Anytime

Have a dog that likes to escape or wander? Make sure you can easily find them with the Candofly LED collar. The bright glow allows you to spot your pet even when they’ve managed to sneak out of the backyard. No more chasing down escape artists when their collar lights up the night.

Going camping or hiking with your dog? Use the flashing mode so you can quickly identify your pup if they’re off exploring trails. The visibility provides peace of mind that your adventurous companion is nearby. You’ll never lose track of your dog again.

For added daytime visibility, the collar comes in bright green during daylight hours. At night, the vibrant LEDs shine through. Housetraining a new puppy? Let the collar help you spot when they need to go out. Candofly’s LED dog collar provides safety and visibility anytime.

Order Your Glow in the Dark Dog Collar Today!

Don’t risk losing track of your dog on night walks or having them unseen near roads. The Candofly LED Dog Collar provides 360° illumination so your pet stays visible and safe. With convenient USB recharging and a durable silicone material, this collar is made to last and built to provide peace of mind.

See your dog from up to 100 feet away and choose from three light modes. Fully adjustable sizing ensures your dog has a comfortable perfect fit. Take your dog’s safety into your own hands by ordering this must-have glowing dog collar today!


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