BWOGUE Adorable Bat Wings Costume for Dogs & Cats – Turn Your Pet into a Super Cute Bat for Halloween!



Make your furry friend the star of Halloween this year with the BWOGUE pet bat wings costume! This creative and adorable costume transforms your cat or small dog into an awfully cute bat.

Spookily Cute Yet Comfortable Design

The costume’s all-black design with smooth lines perfectly captures a bat’s mysterious and cool essence. But this outfit prioritizes comfort – it’s made from soft, lightweight black felt that won’t restrain your pet’s movement.

The user-friendly design includes adjustable straps so you can secure the right fit over your pet’s chest and neck. Once in place, the wings flap with your pet’s movement for an authentic flying bat look.

Great for Pet Photoshoots and Halloween Fun

This bat wings costume opens up so many opportunities for pet fun and hilarious photos! Use it for:

  • Pet Halloween photo shoots
  • Dressing up for Halloween celebrations & parties
  • Funny surprise photos to share on social media
  • Pet birthday party themes and photos
  • Videos of your “bat” pet in flight

Wherever your pet goes in this get-up, they’ll get attention and lots of smiles. The costume adds a big dose of Halloween fun to any pet gathering or photo session.

High Quality Pet Costume Perfect for Small Dogs & Cats

The BWOGUE bat wings costume is made just for smaller pets weighing 5-10 lbs with the following dimensions:

  • Chest size: 14-17 inches
  • Neck size: 8-11 inches
  • Back size: 5.5 inches

It’s an excellent costume choice for small or medium-sized dog breeds like Chihuahuas, Yorkies, Dachshunds, Pomeranians, French Bulldogs, Pugs, and more. It also fits nicely on cats of any breed.

The costume is durably constructed from quality felt that’s machine washable for easy care. Only top stitching is used for long lasting wear.

Adjustable Velcro straps ensure a comfortable fit around the neck and chest without restricting movement. Your pet can relax and play while looking like a totally adorable bat!

Liven Up Your Pet Halloween in Style

Halloween is more fun with the perfect costume for your furry friend. This bat outfit from BWOGUE elevates ordinary pet photos and parties with clever style. Just watch your pet “take flight” for happy times and memories.

Your whole family will also get a kick out of seeing your cat or dog transformed into a cute, harmless bat – talk about the purr-fect holiday novelty!

So let your pet steal the show this Halloween and order the BWOGUE bat wings costume today!


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