Bully Max Puppy Bundle Pack – Fuel Healthy Growth and Immunity for Your Pup!



Is your adorable puppy growing by leaps and bounds? Help support healthy development during this crucial growth stage with the Bully Max Puppy Bundle Pack. This complete puppy system contains everything you need to set your pup up for success, including high protein puppy food, soft chews for immunity, and supplements for optimal growth.

High-Performance Puppy Food Formulated for Growth

The centerpiece of this puppy bundle is our exclusive Bully Max 24/14 High Protein & Growth Puppy Food. Specially formulated for young, active dogs, this kibble provides the balanced nutrition growing pups need with:

  • 419 calories per cup for energy to fuel growth and play
  • 24% protein from real lamb to build strong muscles
  • 14% fat to support brain development and energy
  • Vitamins A, B12, C, D, E and K for whole-body wellness
  • Prebiotics and probiotics to optimize gut health and nutrient absorption

Protein quality matters when it comes to puppy food. That’s why the first ingredient in our recipe is real lamb meat. The natural animal protein provides amino acids necessary for healthy muscle growth and development.

We fortify this premium kibble with vitamins, minerals, prebiotics, and probiotics. This nutritional support system works synergistically to help your pup better utilize nutrients, boost immunity, and promote good gut health.

Immunity Soft Chews – Support Your Pup’s Developing Immune System

Puppies need extra immune support. Their developing immune systems are vulnerable while young. Our Bully Max Immunity Soft Chews provide a boost with colostrum – the antibody-rich “first milk” from mother dogs.

Each soft chew contains a substantial dose of colostrum proteins to:

  • Stimulate immune function
  • Increase antibody production
  • Protect against viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens
  • Reduce risk of illness and infection

With your puppy’s immunity reinforced with colostrum, you can rest assured they have additional protection during the early months when they need it most.

These grain-free chews have a irresistible chicken liver flavor pups love. You can give them as a treat or use them to complement kibble meals. Either way, your pup gets tail-wagging taste along with immune support.

Complete Puppy Nutrition System

Together, the Bully Max Puppy Food and Immunity Chews provide a complete daily nutrition system designed to set your puppy up for robust growth and thriving health.

Key benefits include:

  • More muscle growth with premium protein
  • Higher energy for playtime
  • Better nutrient absorption
  • Improved gut health
  • Stronger immune function
  • Decreased risk of infection/illness
  • Healthy development of muscles, bones, brain, eyes, etc.

Give your special pup the nutritional head start they deserve with the Bully Max Puppy Bundle. It takes care of all their growth and immune support needs in one convenient package.

Our Ingredient Promise to Pet Parents

We know how particular pet parents are about ingredients when it comes to their pup. That’s why we hold ourselves to a higher standard with our True Label commitment.

We disclose every single ingredient on our packaging. No hidden or proprietary blends. This allows you to see exactly what nutrients your pup is getting.

Made in the USA, our puppy products are crafted under strict quality standards using responsibly sourced ingredients. We restrict artificial flavors, colors and preservatives too.

You won’t find any corn, wheat, soy, fillers or by-product meals either. Only high-quality proteins and superfoods your pup will love and thrive on.

Order the Bully Max Puppy Bundle Today!

Give your growing pup the nutritional support they need with the Bully Max Puppy Bundle. This all-in-one system takes the guesswork out of puppy nutrition so you can focus on puppy snuggles and playtime.

Get it now and save 15% when you order the bundle pack. See the growth and health benefits for yourself. Your pup will thank you!


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