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Feed Your Dog Less for More with Bully Max 31/25 Dog Food

Is your dog constantly begging for more food? Do they gobble up meal after meal but never seem satisfied? This insatiable appetite may be a sign that your dog’s current diet is lacking the calories and nutrition they need to feel full and energized.

Introducing Bully Max 31/25 High Calorie Dog Food, the ultra-dense calorie dog food packed with 31% protein, 25% fat, and over 600 calories per cup – the highest calorie dog food on the market!

With almost double the calorie count of regular dog foods, the Bully Max 31/25 formula is expertly designed to deliver maximum canine nutrition in every bite. This allows you to feed your dog less while providing even more vitamins, minerals, protein and healthy fats to fuel their active lifestyle.

The Benefits of Feeding a High Calorie Dog Food

More Energy: The high fat and calorie content provides lasting energy for active dogs. No more mid-day crashes!

Healthy Weight Gain: Perfect for underweight dogs who need to safely add pounds. Fuel your dog with nutritious calories, not empty fillers.

Less Bloat & Stomach Issues: Densely nutritious kibble results in smaller meal portions needed to meet daily calorie requirements.

Shinier Coat & Healthier Skin: The Omega fatty acids and natural oils in Bully Max 31/25 formulas promote skin and coat health.

Muscle Growth & Body Conditioning: The high protein content supports lean muscle growth and an athletic physique.

Made in the USA: Produced in our South Carolina headquarters, with globally sourced ingredients.

What Makes Bully Max 31/25 Different?

Most dog foods rely on unhealthy fillers like corn, wheat and soy to provide bulk calories. This not only lacks nutritional value, but it requires your dog to eat copious amounts of filler-laden kibble to get the fuel they need.

Bully Max 31/25 is formulated with high-quality proteins and natural fat sources to pack a protein-powered caloric punch in every bite.

We start with premium proteins like chicken, lamb, bison, and eggs, which we slow-cook in our South Carolina facility to maximize digestibility. Then we enhance the formula with heart-healthy oils and fats like flaxseed, coconut oil, and animal fat to boost the calorie count – delivering an unbeatable protein-to-fat ratio.

Finally, we incorporate essential vitamins, minerals, glucosamine, chondroitin, and omega fatty acids to support overall health and nutrition.

The result is a super-premium, high calorie dog food perfect for working dogs, competitive canines, and any pup needing more fuel for an active lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What breeds can benefit from high calorie dog food?

While any active dog can benefit from the added calories and nutrition of our 31/25 formula, it’s especially ideal for high energy breeds like:

Hunting dogs: Beagles, Pointers, Retrievers
Herding dogs: Border Collies, Australian Shepherds, Cattle Dogs
Working dogs: Boxers, Dobermans, Mastiffs
Sled dogs: Huskies, Malamutes
Small but energetic breeds: Jack Russell Terriers, Corgis
It’s also excellent for pregnant/nursing dogs who need extra calories.

Is it safe for puppies?

Yes, Bully Max 31/25 is safe for puppies 4 weeks and older. The dense calories allow growing pups to consume the optimal amount of energy and nutrition per bite.

How much should I feed my dog?

Since Bully Max 31/25 is roughly 60% more calorie dense than typical dog foods, you can feed significantly less. Refer to the feeding guide on the packaging for amounts based on your dog’s weight. Their appetite and activity levels may require adjustments.

What if my dog needs to lose weight?

While this formula is designed for active dogs with higher caloric needs, overweight or obese dogs can benefit from the high protein and nutritional content while restricting portions to reduce overall caloric intake. Consult your vet for any special dietary needs.

Made in the USA with Ingredients from Around the Globe

Bully Max 31/25 is proudly manufactured in our South Carolina headquarters. We source premium ingredients from around the world to formulate the highest quality dog food.

Feed your dog less for more nutrition with Bully Max 31/25 High Calorie Dog Food. Your dog will be satisfied with smaller servings while getting even greater nutritional benefits.


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