Buddy Biscuits Teeny Crunchy Roasted Chicken Dog Treats – Delicious Bite-Sized Training Treats



Natural, Wholesome Treats Perfect for Your Small Dog

Give your small dog a tasty, crunchy treat they’ll love with Buddy Biscuits Teeny Crunchy Roasted Chicken Dog Treats. These bite-sized biscuits are made with wholesome ingredients and feature real roasted chicken as the first ingredient.

Made with Real Roasted Chicken

The top ingredient in these tasty biscuits is real roasted chicken, giving your pup a crunchy treat bursting with delicious chicken flavor. Dogs go crazy for the taste of real chicken.

No Artificial Flavors, Colors or Preservatives

You can feel good giving your dog these treats because they are made without any artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. We keep it simple with only natural ingredients you can trust.

Grain-Free with No Corn or Soy

These chicken biscuits are also grain-free and contain no corn or soy. We formulate them to avoid ingredients that commonly cause food sensitivities.

Bite-Sized for Small Breeds

At just half an inch, these tiny crunchy biscuits are the ideal size for small dog breeds. The mini size makes them perfect for training treats, allowing you to reward your pup more often during training sessions.

Oven Baked with Whole Food Ingredients

We bake these crunchy biscuits to lock in flavor and nutrition. They are minimally processed in the USA using simple whole food ingredients like chicken, brown rice flour, flaxseed and coconut oil.

The Perfect Training Treat for Your Small Dog

The bite-sized pieces of these chicken biscuits make them a great option for a training treat or as a special snack. Their crunchy texture and roasted chicken flavor will have your small dog begging for more. Use them for:

  • Reward-based training sessions like clicker training
  • Teaching important commands like sit, stay, come, down
  • Crate training to create a positive association with the crate
  • Distraction training to keep your pup focused on you
  • Socialization to other dogs, people and environments
  • Providing mental stimulation through puzzle toys and games

You can break these baked biscuits into smaller pieces to extend each 8 oz bag. One bag can go a long way for mini and small breed dogs under 15 lbs.

Delightful Crunch They Can’t Resist

Dogs of all sizes love treats with a satisfying crunch. These oven-baked biscuits provide a tasty crunchy texture your small dog will find irresistible. The crispy chicken flavor keeps them coming back for more.

Give them as a special snack or hide them around the house for a fun seeking game. Their petite size is perfect for tucking into puzzle toys or snack dispensers. You can also crumble them over their regular kibble to spice up mealtime.

Made in the USA with Care

All Buddy Biscuits treats are proudly made in the USA using thoughtfully sourced ingredients. We oversee production in our own US-based bakery to ensure high quality standards.

Our treats are crafted in small batches and carefully inspected. We’re committed to providing tail-wagging goodness you can trust. We know how important your dog is to you, so treat quality is extremely important to us.

Buy Delicious Roasted Chicken Biscuits for Your Small Dog

Give your mini or small breed dog a taste of crunchy chicken goodness today. Buddy Biscuits Teeny Crunchy Roasted Chicken Dog Treats provide a delicious, nutritious snack bursting with real chicken flavor. Your little pup is sure to devour these tasty oven-baked treats.


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