Buck Bone Organics Premium Elk Antler Dog Chews – Long Lasting Natural Chew Toy for Aggressive Chewers



Keep your power chewer happy and healthy with Buck Bone Organics Premium Elk Antler Dog Chews. Sourced sustainably from elk antlers shed naturally in the Rocky Mountains, these long-lasting chews provide dogs 40-60 lbs hours of chewing enjoyment.

Made in the USA from single ingredient, all-natural elk antlers, these chews contain no preservatives or chemicals – just pure, raw bone. Elk antlers are naturally hard and durable, perfect for determined chewers. The dense bone takes dogs time to get through, helping satisfy their innate need to chew while saving your shoes and furniture.

Not only does chewing on antlers keep dogs entertained, it provides both mental and physical enrichment. The chewing motion helps remove plaque and tartar from teeth, promoting better dental health. Elk antlers are also great for maintaining jaw strength and massaging gums.

Plus, elk antler chews contain naturally occurring minerals like calcium and phosphorus for optimal bone health. With around 40% protein per chew, they make a nutritious treat high in glucosamine and chondroitin to support joint health.

At 6-8 inches long, these large split antler chews are ideal for medium to large breed dogs between 40-60 lbs. The hand-cut and sanded edges create grooves and ridges to help clean teeth and gums while chewing. We purposefully design our antler chew sizes based on your dog’s weight and jaw strength to provide the safest, most enjoyable chewing experience.

Elk antlers are one of the longest-lasting natural chews out there. Harder than most man-made chew toys, they stand up to even the most aggressive chewers without splintering. Plus, they last 2-3 times longer than other natural chews like beef bones. One elk antler chew can keep your heavy chewer happy for weeks!

While antlers are incredibly strong, we do recommend you monitor your dog during chewing sessions. Remove and replace the chew once it becomes small enough to pose a choking risk. Be sure to check your dog’s stools as very small antler pieces may be ingested.

At Buck Bone Organics, the health and safety of your pup is our top concern. That’s why we source only the highest quality elk antlers harvested humanely and sustainably from wild elk in the USA. We hand inspect each antler to remove the tip and ensure no sharp edges. Then we individually package and label every chew for your convenience.

Give your dog a healthy chewing outlet and keep your home protected from unwanted chewing damage. Order the all-natural Buck Bone Organics Premium Elk Antler Dog Chews today! Your power chewer will thank you.

Product Details:

Ingredients: 100% all-natural elk antler, sourced and processed in the USA. No preservatives, chemicals, or additives.

Size: Large 6-8 inches

Quantity: 1 elk antler chew per bag

For Dogs: Recommended for medium to large breed dogs between 40-60 lbs with aggressive chewing tendencies. Hand-cut for appropriate jaw size.


  • Long-lasting, durable natural chew
  • Sustainably sourced from wild elk in the Rocky Mountains
  • Promotes better dental health and reduces tartar
  • Provides mental enrichment through natural chewing instinct
  • Contains calcium, phosphorus, glucosamine and chondroitin
  • Made in the USA with no preservatives or chemicals

Safety: Monitor your dog during chewing. Remove chew once small enough to pose choking risk. Check stools for small pieces. Not for puppies.

Satisfaction Guarantee: Your dog’s safety and satisfaction is our top priority. If you are not completely satisfied with our elk antler chews, contact us for a full refund or replacement.


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