Brutus & Barnaby Pig Ear Slivers – Thick-Cut All Natural Pork Chews for Dogs



Give your dog a tasty, protein-packed treat with Brutus & Barnaby Pig Ear Slivers. These all-natural chews are made from premium pork ear sliced into hearty pieces perfect for small and large breed dogs. Dogs love the rich meaty flavor!

Thick-Cut Pig Ear Pieces

Brutus & Barnaby Pig Ear Slivers come in irregular, thick-cut pieces that provide a satisfying chew. The chunky slices range in size for versatility. Choose an appropriate portion to suit your dog’s chewing needs.

The pork ear has a soft yet dense texture dogs love to sink their teeth into. As they gnaw, nibble and lick the treat, it helps clean teeth and gums. Pig ears are a tasty way to support your dog’s dental health.

Single-Ingredient All Natural Pork

Our Pig Ear Slivers are crafted from a single wholesome ingredient – premium pork ear. No grains, artificial flavors, preservatives or other fillers are added. We lightly bake each sliver to bring out the rich, meaty flavor dogs crave.

The pork ears come from USA farms and are gently processed in our Wisconsin facility. We oversee every step to ensure the highest quality chews for your pup. You can feel good rewarding them with these natural protein-packed treats.

Promotes Dental Health While Occupying Dogs

In addition to yummy taste, Brutus & Barnaby Pig Ear Slivers provide chewing satisfaction that benefits oral health. As your dog works the treat, the abrasive texture helps remove tartar and plaque. This reduces bacteria buildup for fresher doggy breath!

The hearty chewing action also keeps energetic pups happily occupied. The long-lasting treats provide a productive boredom buster and stress reliever. Make alone time safer and more enjoyable with these satisfying natural chews.

Contains No Bone for Safety

Pig ears contain no bone, making them one of the safest natural chew options. You won’t have to worry about any crumbling or splintering that could harm your dog. Only the collagen-rich cartilage core is used, wrapped in thin skin.

This softer texture is gentle on tooth enamel yet still sturdy enough for avid chewers. We lightly bake the ears to retain the flexible, dense properties dogs love. Reward your pup with a chew that offers chewing bliss safely.

Easily Digestible Protein

Brutus & Barnaby Pig Ear Slivers provide a nutritious protein boost with each chew. Pork ear is highly digestible, allowing your dog to fully utilize the protein. This supports their dietary needs for muscle repair, growth and energy.

The single-ingredient treats also contain essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Give your pup a wholesome, meaty snack that keeps their tail wagging for more!

Satisfaction Guarantee

Here at Brutus & Barnaby, we want your dog to love their chews. That’s why we back every bag of Pig Ear Slivers with our satisfaction guarantee. If you are ever unsatisfied for any reason, reach out so we can make it right.

We care about your pup’s health and happiness. Trust us to provide tasty, nutritious treats tailor-made to bring them joy. Click Add to Cart now for thick, meaty chews your dog will adore!


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