Brutus & Barnaby Bully Bites – Low Odor Grass-Fed Beef Pizzle Treats for Dogs



Treat your pup to a tasty, protein-packed chew with Brutus & Barnaby Bully Bites. These all-natural, low odor bully stick treats are made from free-range, grass-fed beef pizzle sourced from New Zealand cattle. Their hearty, meaty texture keeps dogs happily occupied. Give your furry friend a nutritious single-ingredient chew!

Thick and Hearty Bully Stick Pieces

Brutus & Barnaby Bully Bites come in a range of thick, hearty pieces perfect for small and medium dogs. The mixed shapes and sizes allow you to pick the ideal bully stick size to match your dog. Offer them a longer-lasting challenge or a quicker chew.

These rich protein treats have a sturdy texture that provides a satisfying chew. Dogs will delight in gnawing and chewing to slowly savor all the beefy flavor. The durable pizzle treats are also great for promoting dental health as your pup works them over.

Crafted from Single-Ingredient Grass-Fed Beef

At Brutus & Barnaby, we craft treats with premium ingredients you can trust. Our Bully Bites are made from single-ingredient beef pizzle sourced from free-range, grass-fed New Zealand cattle. They contain no grains, artificial flavors, or fillers – just pure protein-rich beef.

We slowly dry and bake the pizzle to perfection to create a treat that is hardy yet easily digestible. Dogs adore sinking their teeth into these hearty, wholesome chews bursting with rich beef taste. The single-ingredient treats are also great for pups with food sensitivities.

Low Odor Formula

Brutus & Barnaby Bully Bites have a special low odor formula to keep smells contained. We gently bake the pizzle treats to remove excess moisture and naturally decrease odor. The resealable bag also locks in any remaining aroma when closed.

While the treats maintain a light beef scent to entice your pup, it won’t overwhelm your home. You can feel good giving your dog a tasty chew that also limits odors. Our low odor formula makes bully sticks house-friendly.

Protein-Packed Nutrition

In addition to chewing satisfaction, Brutus & Barnaby Bully Bites provide protein-rich nutrition in each bite. Beef pizzle is naturally high in protein while being low in fat, making it a healthy choice. These treats offer essential protein for muscle growth, tissue repair and energy.

You can reward your dog guilt-free knowing these chews support their dietary needs. Their tail will wag with each tasty, protein-packed nibble!

Durable Treats for Power Chewers

Does your dog destroy plush toys and devour treats in seconds? Meet their match with Brutus & Barnaby Bully Bites! These sturdy pizzle treats stand up to even the most aggressive chewers.

The tough texture provides the ultimate chewing challenge. As your strong chewer works the treat, they also receive a satisfying workout for stronger jaws and cleaner teeth. Bully Bites are a great boredom buster for active power chewers.

Proudly Made in the USA

Brutus & Barnaby is a small family-owned business that proudly makes our treats in the USA. We source premium ingredients from around the world and craft our products locally in Wisconsin.

We oversee every step of preparing our Bully Bites, from selecting the highest quality pizzle to baking each treat to perfection. Your pup will love chomping on these patriotic protein chews!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Here at Brutus & Barnaby, we stand behind every treat we make. We want your dog to be happy and healthy. If you are ever unsatisfied with our Bully Bites, reach out so we can make things right.

We promise you and your canine companion will love these tasty low odor pizzle treats. Their chewing satisfaction is our top priority. Click Add to Cart now for hearty, wholesome chews your dog will adore!


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