Brutus & Barnaby Beef Meat Sticks – Thick & Hearty Jerky Chews Made with Beef Liver and Lung for Dogs



Treat your pup to a protein-packed, nutritious chew with Brutus & Barnaby Beef Meat Sticks. These thick, hearty jerky-style treats are made with a delicious blend of beef liver and lung sourced from American cattle. Dogs go crazy for the irresistible meaty aroma and flavor. Spoil your pooch with a tasty chew that provides a nutritious superfood boost!

Thick Jerky Chews Blend Beef Liver and Lung

Brutus & Barnaby Beef Meat Sticks have a delicious, meaty texture thanks to their hearty blend of beef liver and lung. We slowly bake long strips of combined liver and lung to concentrate the rich beefy flavor. The result is a thick, chewy jerky-style treat your dog will relish.

These satisfying Meat Sticks are the perfect size for long-lasting chewing. They have a hearty density that provides a workout for your pup’s jaws. Dogs love gnawing, nibbling and chomping on these meaty jerky chews while enjoying yummy beefy taste.

Nutritious Ingredients – Protein, Vitamins and More

Beef liver and lung are nutritional powerhouses, which is why we selected them for Brutus & Barnaby Meat Sticks. These parts provide an incredible array of vitamins, minerals and protein:

  • Protein – For muscle growth, tissue repair and energy
  • Vitamin A – For vision, immune health and tissue growth
  • Vitamin B12 – For metabolism, nerve function and cell health
  • Iron – For oxygen transportation in blood
  • Copper – For nerve transmission and collagen formation
  • Zinc – For enzyme function, immune health, and DNA
  • Phosphorus – For bone strength, energy production and pH balance

Reward your dog with a meaty jerky stick that also provides wholesome nutrition from nourishing beef organs. Every tasty chew delivers superfood power!

Irresistible Aroma and Flavor

Your pooch’s nose will go wild when they get a whiff of Brutus & Barnaby Meat Sticks! We slowly bake the beef liver and lung to bring out mouthwatering aroma and rich flavor. Dogs cannot resist the savory, smoky scent of these jerky chews.

Made from all-natural beef organs, the Meat Sticks have a delicious genuine beef flavor your pup will crave. No artificial smoke flavors or seasonings are added. Treat your special buddy to super tasty jerky chews bursting with scrumptious meaty taste!

Crafted in the USA from American Beef

Brutus & Barnaby is proud to handcraft treats for your dog right here in the United States. We source premium beef liver and lung from cattle humanely raised on American farms and ranches. Supporting USA farmers and businesses is very important to us.

From sourcing to manufacturing, every step takes place locally in our very own Wisconsin facility. We lovingly bake each Meat Stick to perfection under strict quality standards. You can feel good rewarding your dog with these patriotic protein-packed chews!

For Dogs of All Breeds and Life Stages

Give your puppy or adult dog a meaty jerky treat they’ll love. Brutus & Barnaby Beef Meat Sticks are suitable for dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages. We carefully bake each chew to be dense yet still easy for any dog to chew, nibble and relish.

The natural protein and nutrients also make these chews ideal for senior dogs who need gentle yet nutritious snacks. Additionally, the single-ingredient treats may fit limited ingredient diets. Only premium American beef organs are used with no grains, artificial flavors or fillers.

Quality Ingredients and Satisfaction Guarantee

Brutus & Barnaby stands behind every USA-made treat we produce. We use the most nutritious, highest quality ingredients to craft meaty chews your dog will love. If you are ever unsatisfied for any reason, reach out so we can make things right to your complete satisfaction.

We want your pup to enjoy jerky treats that provide tail wags and smiles with every tasty chew! Their happiness and health is our top priority.

Buy Brutus & Barnaby Beef Meat Sticks Today!

Give your furry best friend a hearty jerky-style chew made with protein and superfood nutrition from USA-raised beef. Brutus & Barnaby Meat Sticks combine delicious beef liver and lung into the perfect thick meaty texture. Your dog will delight in sinking their teeth into each savory, smoky chew. Make treat time extra nutritious and tail-wagging happy with these American-made jerky sticks!


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