Brightwell Aquatics Reef Blizzard-O Powdered Planktonic Food for Octocorals, Clams & Other Filter Feeders – Vibrant Colors & Health for Your Reef Aquarium



Give your octocorals, clams, and other filter feeding invertebrates the nutrition they need to thrive with Reef Blizzard-O powdered planktonic food from Brightwell Aquatics. This powdered blend contains a variety of plankton and marine proteins that have been carefully formulated to bring out vibrant colors and support the health of your sensitive coral allies.

Reef Blizzard-O makes it simple for beginners to feed their octocorals, clams, gorgonians and other filter feeders. The powdered formula mixes easily into your aquarium water, where it can be filtered out and consumed by your corals and invertebrates. More advanced aquarists will also appreciate the ability to custom blend Reef Blizzard-O into specialized food formulas tailored to their systems and inhabitants.

Bring Out Vibrant Colors in Your Octocorals, Clams & Other Filter Feeders

The diverse blend of plankton and proteins in Reef Blizzard-O provides complete and balanced nutrition to enhance the coloration and appearance of your corals and invertebrates. Your octocorals will extend their polyps and tentacles to feed on the nutritious powder, displaying their elegant forms. Vibrant colors will stand out in your clams, gorgonians and other filter feeders when fed this formula regularly.

Reef Blizzard-O contains over 40 different types of marine plankton including phytoplankton, zooplankton and other proteins harvested from natural seawater. This diversity ensures your corals and invertebrates receive the full spectrum of micronutrients they need for excellent health and appearance.

You’ll see the difference with regular Reef Blizzard-O feedings. Your octocorals and clams will glow with richer colors compared to feeding freeze-dried plankton alone. Greens and purples will become more vibrant in your gorgonians. Even the fleshy mantles of your Tridacna clams will appear more robust.

Convenient Powdered Formula for Simple, Economical Feeding

Reef Blizzard-O brings all the benefits of liquid planktonic formulas in an easy to use, economical powdered format.

To feed your corals and invertebrates, simply measure out the desired amount of powder and mix it into a cup of tank water. Pour this plankton suspension directly into your display tank or sump. There’s no need for separate culture tanks or expensive liquid feeds that require refrigeration.

The powder formula is also cheaper to ship compared to liquids, passing significant savings along to you. Reef Blizzard-O can be conveniently stored in the refrigerator to prolong shelf life once opened.

You get the vibrant colors and nutritional benefits of marine plankton, without the cost and hassle of liquids. Reef Blizzard-O simplifies coral feeding.

Customize Your Food Blends for Optimal Invertebrate Health

Experienced aquarists can also use Reef Blizzard-O to create specialized food blends tailored to their systems.

Mix the powder with Brightwell’s MicroVert, PhytoPlex, OysterFeast or MusselBounty to create nutrient-rich formulas that target the needs of your corals and invertebrates. Custom blending gives you total control over your animals’ diet.

Prepare food for specific coral groups like LPS, SPS or zoanthids by adjusting plankton, amino acid and vitamin levels. Feed immobile invertebrates like clams and maximus scallops by target feeding blended foods near their shells. Even finicky eaters will receive complete nutrition.

Reef Blizzard-O is an essential planktonic base for crafting foods that keep your octocorals, clams and other filter feeders thriving in any reef tank.

Made in the USA for Aquarium Quality and Safety

Brightwell Aquatics formulates and produces Reef Blizzard-O right here in the USA. This ensures the highest standards of quality and safety for your aquarium.

Strict manufacturing regulations safeguard against contaminants. The production process is carefully controlled for consistency batch to batch. You can feel confident feeding Reef Blizzard-O knowing Brightwell’s exacting standards are met every time.

Don’t settle for planktonic foods of unknown origin. Reef Blizzard-O is made in the USA with your reef tank inhabitants in mind.

Feed Reef Blizzard-O for Vibrant, Healthy Octocorals, Clams & Filter Feeders

Reef Blizzard-O powdered planktonic formula provides the balanced nutrition your octocorals, clams and other filter feeders need to thrive. This diverse blend of marine proteins and plankton brings out richer colors while supporting overall coral health.

The powdered format simplifies feeding compared to liquids and enables you to create custom food blends. Made in the USA, Reef Blizzard-O is a high quality planktonic food you can trust for vibrant corals and invertebrates.


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