Brightkins Let’s Go! Coffee Cup Dog Treat Holder and Dispenser – Portable Carabiner Clip Treat Container



Take treats on the go for your pup with the convenient Brightkins Let’s Go! Coffee Cup Dog Treat Holder. This portable dispenser makes reward-based training easy with its clever twist-to-open lid and clip-on carabiner design.

Carry Treats Anywhere!

The included carabiner-style clip attaches securely to leashes, belts, purses, backpacks and more. Take this handy treat holder everywhere with your dog for quick access to rewards during walks, trips, outings and more. No more fumbling with clumsy treat bags!

Dispense Treats Mess-Free

Simply twist the lid open and closed to quickly dispense treats as needed. The BPA-free plastic construction contains crumbs and spills inside. No more messy hands or pockets from carrying loose treats.

Built Sturdy for Daily Use

Made from durable plastic that won’t crack or warp, our coffee cup treat holder is designed for daily use. The twist lid seals tightly to keep contents secure. Fill it up with your dog’s favorite kibble or small training treats.

Great for Obedience Training

Reward good behavior instantly with a quick twist to dispense treats. Keep your dog motivated and focused during training walks, sessions, agility classes and more. Easily reinforce wanted behaviors like sitting, staying, coming when called and more.

Simple 3-Step Process

  1. Fill the treat holder
  2. Watch for good behavior
  3. Twist to reward with treats!

Easy to Clean

Made from smooth non-porous plastic, the coffee cup construction wipes clean easily when treat dust accumulates. Just wash with soap and water as needed. No smelly treat residue lingers behind.

Customer Reviews

“This little holder is so handy for bringing training treats on walks. I clip it right to the leash for easy access and it doesn’t leak or make a mess at all.”

“The carabiner attachment makes this container super convenient to take anywhere. I bring it in my purse and use it to reward my pup throughout the day.”

“I love using this dispenser for agility training with my high-energy border collie. It allows me to reward her the instant she completes an obstacle.”

“This treat holder is perfect for my small training treats. The twist lid dispenses them easily so I can reinforce behaviors during walks.”

“This is so lightweight and portable – ideal for attaching to my running belt when I take my dog jogging.”

Simplify Treat Time Anywhere!

Reward your dog for good behavior on the go with the Brightkins Let’s Go! Coffee Cup Dog Treat Holder. Order this handy dispenser today to make training easier.


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