Brazilian Pet Premium Retriever Rolls Dog Chews – 10-11 Inches Long Natural Free Range Grass-Fed Beef Hides



Give your dog a mouthwatering chew that satisfies their instinct to gnaw with Brazilian Pet Premium Retriever Rolls. These long-lasting rawhide rolls are handcrafted from free range grass-fed cattle hides for a delicious flavor dogs love.

Made from Premium Quality Hides

Our Retriever Rolls use only the top layer of Brazilian cattle hides to ensure strength and longevity. This tough outer layer allows the chews to last longer while providing a satisfying gnaw. The hides come from grass-fed, free range cattle raised humanely in Brazil.

10-11 Inches Long for Hours of Chewing

Each Retriever Roll measures 10 to 11 inches long, giving your dog hours of chewing bliss. The substantial size and texture keep them happily occupied and content. Your pup will love sinking their teeth into these hearty rawhide rolls!

Natural Collagen for Healthy Joints

Our rawhide chews are packed with natural collagen, which helps support joint health, mobility, bone density and healthy hair in dogs. This vital protein keeps pups active and mobile as they age.

Flexible Texture Doesn’t Splinter

Our special processing technique ensures the hides retain flexibility without becoming brittle. This prevents splintering or breaking into small pieces that could present a choking hazard.

Long-Lasting to Satisfy Chewers

These substantial retriever rolls provide long lasting chewing entertainment. The tasty rawhide texture keeps dogs happily occupied for hours on end. An excellent boredom buster!

No Artificial Colors, Flavors or Preservatives

Our premium rawhide chews contain NO artificial ingredients – only natural Brazilian grass-fed beef. We gently cure the hides to retain the delicious meaty flavor dogs crave.

Customer Reviews

My dog’s favorite treat! These rawhide rolls keep my heavy chewer occupied for hours. He loves the long-lasting tasty flavor.

High quality rawhide These chews are clearly made from thick, premium rawhide. My pup works on them for days before finishing. Worth the price!

No awful smell! I’m sensitive to smelly dog treats but these have no bothersome odor. Just a mild beef scent that dogs love.

Bigger than I expected For 10-11 inch chews, these rolls are very substantial and thick. My large breed dogs love the hearty texture.

Keeps dog busy for ages I can’t believe how long these rawhide rolls last my power chewer! She stays entertained for hours.

Make Your Dog Happy with Premium Rawhide Chews

Your pup will love unwrapping their own natural, long-lasting rawhide roll from Brazil. These hearty chews satisfy dogs’ instinct to gnaw for hours. Get some today and see the excitement!


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