BoniVet Upgraded Bully Stick Holder for Dogs – Prevent Choking on Treats and Bones with Adjustable Chew Grip



Give your dog their favorite bully sticks, bones, and other chews safely with the BoniVet Upgraded Bully Stick Holder. This innovative chew holder securely grips treats to prevent choking hazards and help avoid the messy last nub.

One Size Truly Fits All!

Our bully stick holder features an adjustable void that can grip treats from thin to jumbo. Simply twist the two balls to widen the opening from 0.4 inches up to 1 inch wide. This allows the holder to accommodate all different sizes and shapes of bully sticks, bones, tracheas, and other chews.

Holds Chews Tightly in Place

The upgraded holder has a strong spring mechanism that keeps constant tension on treats. This prevents your dog from pulling chews out or pushing the last nub through. No more choking hazards or chasing lost pieces across the room!

Works for Any Breed of Dog

With its adjustable grip and large size, our bully stick holder is perfect for dogs of all breeds and sizes. Mini to giant – the innovative design provides a safe chewing experience to K9s both big and small. No pup will be left out!

Simple and Convenient to Use

This chew holder couldn’t be easier to operate! Just twist the end balls to widen the void, insert a bully stick or bone, then release. The spring-loaded mechanism will automatically tighten around the treat. When playtime is over, simply twist again to remove the leftover nub.

Keeps Your Home Clean

No more mess from abandoned last bits of bully sticks left on floors and furniture. The holder contains even the smallest nubs, so you don’t have to deal with gooey leftovers stuck in carpets and sofas.

High-Quality Durable Materials

Constructed from heavy-duty plastic and stainless steel, our improved design is built to last. It stands up to vigorous chewers without cracking or breaking. We back it up with a 1-year warranty in case anything goes wrong.

Customer Reviews

Lifesaver for Power Chewers! My dog destroyed every other holder, but this upgraded BoniVet version remains intact. The adjustable grip keeps even jumbo chews secured. No more choking worries!

Great for Small Dogs Too I have three chihuahuas who love bully sticks, but I worried about them choking. This holder keeps the sticks in place and fits small chews too. Would recommend!

Well-Made and Effective You can tell this holder is heavy-duty and made to last. My dog can’t remove his bully sticks or push out the ends. It gives me peace of mind during chew time.

Adjustability is Key I love that this holder has an adjustable opening to grip any size chew. No more special ordering different holders for all my dogs’ chews.

No More Messes! This holder completely contains all the leftover bully bits so my dog doesn’t choke or make a mess on the floor. It’s a game changer for chew time!

We Want You and Your Pup to be Happy!

Buy the BoniVet Bully Stick Holder risk-free today. Your dog can finally enjoy their favorite treats safely. If you have any issues, we back our product with a 1-year warranty and friendly USA-based customer service.


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