Bocce’s Bakery Duck & Blueberry Dog Training Treats – Wheat-Free Low Calorie Bites for Teaching Commands and Tricks



Make training a treat with Bocce’s Bakery Duck & Blueberry Dog Training Treats! Thoughtfully baked in small batches, these low-calorie chewy bites are the perfect size for rewarding your pup during training sessions. Made with real duck and blueberries in the USA.

Irresistible Real Duck Flavor for Motivation

Dogs naturally go crazy for the taste of duck! That’s why we loaded up these training treats with shreds of real duck meat. The savory protein-packed flavor will have your pup eagerly obeying commands and mastering new tricks in no time. They’ll sit, stay, high-five, and so much more for these delicious duck & blueberry bites!

Antioxidant-Rich Blueberries for Tail-Wagging Goodness

In addition to duck, we added an extra dose of tail-wagging goodness with antioxidant-rich blueberries. Their slightly sweet taste perfectly complements the savory duck. It’s a flavor duo your dog is sure to love and want to keep training for more of!

Perfect Size for Training Rewards

Each chewy, cube-shaped treat is about the size of a pencil eraser, making them ideal training rewards. These bite-sized bits allow you to reinforce behaviors frequently without overfeeding. Plus their soft texture is gentle on young or senior pups. You’ll have happy pets and effective training sessions.

Just 4 Calories Per Treat

With only 4 calories per tiny training treat, you can feel good rewarding your pup generously. No need to worry about overdoing it on the treats – our low-cal recipe allows for plenty of positive reinforcement. Weight control has never been easier.

Made with Thoughtfully Sourced Premium Ingredients

You won’t find any artificial additives or fillers in our treats. They feature all high-quality real food ingredients like:

  • Real duck
  • Blueberries
  • Oat flour
  • Chickpeas

We use simple whole food recipes to craft each batch for nutritional goodness from nose to tail.

Baked from Scratch in Small Batches

Bocce’s Bakery was started by passionate pet lovers on a mission to bake better treats. We use carefully sourced ingredients and time-honored techniques to craft snacks dogs love. Our duck & blueberry training treats are:

  • Made in the USA
  • Non-GMO
  • Soy-free
  • Corn-free
  • Wheat-free
  • No artificial anything!

Bring out your pup’s inner star student with the tasty motivation of Bocce’s Bakery Duck & Blueberry Training Treats today! They’ll be begging to show off newly mastered tricks.

Customer Reviews

Five Stars – These duck treats make training my high-energy pup so easy! She loves the flavor and they’re small enough to give her frequently.

Effective Training Motivators – My dog is very food-motivated so these duck bits are perfect for training. The blueberry flavor is so unique and tasty too.

Low Cal Guilt-Free Treats – I love having a training treat my dog loves that’s low calorie. She begs for these duck bites! Plus the ingredients are top notch.

Flavorful & Bite-Sized – These soft bites are the perfect size for training my elderly dog. She adores the duck and blueberry flavor. Will definitely order again.

My Pup is Learning! – With these yummy duck treats I’ve successfully taught my dog to ring a bell to go outside. They absolutely love the savory flavor. A+ training treats!


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