Bocce’s Bakery Cheese & Sweet Potato Dog Food Toppers – All-Natural, Wheat-Free Topping For Picky Eaters or Hungry Hounds



Is your pup a picky eater who turns his nose up at mealtime? Or does he gobble up his food so fast you worry he’s still hungry? Bocce’s Bakery Cheese & Sweet Potato Dog Food Toppers are the paw-fect way to add delicious flavor and variety to your dog’s diet.

Made with just two simple, all-natural ingredients – dried cheese and sweet potato powder – these tasty toppers will have even the fussiest furry friends licking their bowls clean. We gently bake each batch in our small New York kitchen until perfectly crisp, locking in the savory cheese flavor dogs love.

Switch Up Mealtime for Picky Pups or Hungry Hounds

If your pooch pushes away his boring kibble, try sprinkling on our irresistible cheese & sweet potato topping. The mouthwatering aroma and flavor will have him devouring his food with gusto.

For dogs who wolf down their meals too quickly, our topping adds tasty texture to slow them down. The crunchy, crispy bits mixed into the kibble will encourage your pup to savor each bite.

You can also use our topping to add a nutrient boost to any dog food. Sweet potatoes offer vitamin A, vitamin C, and fiber. Cheese provides protein and calcium for strong muscles and bones.

Crafted with Quality Ingredients You Can Trust

At Bocce’s Bakery, we believe dogs deserve the very best. That’s why we only use all-natural, high-quality ingredients in our recipes.

You won’t find any artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors. No wheat, corn, soy, or fillers – just simple, wholesome foods you’ll be proud to feed your four-legged friend.

We start with real Wisconsin cheese, oven-baked until crisp and golden. Sweet potatoes add vibrant color and nutrition, with a hint of natural sweetness dogs love.

That’s it – just two ingredients you can pronounce and feel good about. We keep our recipes short and simple as a promise to pet parents.

Made in Small Batches in Our New York Kitchen

Bocce’s Bakery was started in a tiny New York City kitchen by a pair of dog lovers on a mission. We wanted to create healthier food options for our furry companions, using simple recipes and the freshest ingredients.

Today we still make our dog food toppers in small batches to ensure quality. We mix the ingredients by hand, bake them ourselves, and package them fresh.

You can taste the homemade goodness in every crunchy, savory bite. We’re proud our Chess & Sweet Potato Toppers are crafted with care in the USA.

Our Story: Born Out of Love for a Scruffy Mutt Named Bocce

Bocce’s Bakery was started by two NYC dog owners who were dissatisfied with the bland, artificial ingredient-filled food options for their pooch.

One fateful day, they decided to bake their scrappy little mutt Bocce a special treat using real cheese and sweet potato. To their delight, he gobbled it up instantly!

Inspired by Bocce’s uncontainable joy, they began experimenting with more homemade recipes. Soon neighbors were knocking on their door to get tasty treats for their own dogs.

Bocce’s Bakery was born out of a simple idea – dogs deserve real food made with love, not mystery meat and artificial flavors. We still hold true to that belief today.

Pamper Your Pooch with Delicious, Nutritious Meals

Your furry friend brings so much joy into your life. Show your pup some love at mealtime with Bocce’s Bakery Cheese & Sweet Potato Dog Food Toppers.

Give your good boy or girl a taste of homemade goodness. Watch proudly as they devour their food with tail-wagging enthusiasm.

Our all-natural topping adds a burst of crunchy texture and savory flavor to any meal. It also slows down fast eaters and entices picky pups.

Made in the USA in our own small kitchen, you can trust our quality ingredients. We never use fillers, artificial anything, or hidden nasties.

Treat your dog to real, wholesome food made with love. Click Add to Cart now to get tails wagging at your house with Bocce’s Bakery Dog Food Toppers!


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