BNYEE Freeze Dried Chicken Treats for Cats & Dogs, 8oz



Give your cat or dog a protein-packed treat with BNYEE Freeze Dried Chicken Treats. These wholesome single-ingredient treats are freeze dried to perfectly preserve the flavor and nutritional benefits of fresh chicken.

Conveniently packaged in an 8 ounce resealable jar, these bite-sized treats are great for training, travel, or anytime. The high protein formula supports lean muscle while the freeze drying process maintains essential nutrients.

Premium Single Protein Formula

Sourced from quality chicken breast, these treats pack a protein punch with no filler. The single protein formula eliminates potential allergens from grain, dairy or other ingredients. It’s an excellent hypoallergenic choice.

Highly Digestible Nutrients

The freeze drying process removes moisture without damaging vital nutrients like amino acids, vitamins, and fatty acids. This natural process maximizes digestibility so pets absorb nutrients efficiently.

Supports Lean Muscle

Chicken is brimming with complete, high-quality protein to nourish your active dog or cat. The amino acids promote lean muscle development and maintenance for healthy strength and mobility.

Naturally Preserved Freshness

Unlike artificial preservatives, the gentle freeze drying process extends the shelf life through natural dehydration. It locks in the taste and nutritional value of fresh chicken in every piece.

Irresistible Meaty Flavor

Dogs and cats go wild for the irresistible taste and aroma of real chicken. These treats have no artificial flavors added – just the mouthwatering flavor of pure protein pets instinctively crave.

Rehydrates to Fresh Chicken

Add water to rehydrate the chicken pieces and transform them into moist, juicy bits. It reactivates the aroma for a super enticing training treat.

Calorie-Conscious Feeding

With only 2 calories per treat, you can reward good behavior without overfeeding. The low-calorie formula makes it easy to use as a training treat.

Grain-Free Formula

Crafted with only premium chicken breast, these treats contain no grains, corn, soy, wheat or fillers. It’s an excellent option for pets with food sensitivities.

Convenient Resealable Jar

The 8 ounce jar makes it easy to store these chicken treats at home while also taking some on-the-go. The flip-top lid keeps the remaining pieces fresh.

Give your dog or cat a nutritious and delicious treat with BNYEE Freeze Dried Chicken. Their wagging tails and purring delight will show their chicken-loving approval!


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