Blueberry Pet Diagonal Striped Dog Rope Leash with Neoprene Handle – Strong, Durable 4 ft Leash for Small, Medium and Large Dogs



Take your dog for a stylish walk around the neighborhood with the Blueberry Pet Diagonal Striped Dog Rope Leash. This 4 foot leash is made from 100% polyester in a durable rope design with a comfortable neoprene handle that provides excellent control when walking your dog.

Durable Construction for Secure Control

The Blueberry Pet Diagonal Striped Dog Rope Leash is crafted from high quality polyester rope material that is strong enough for small, medium and large dog breeds. The rope has a unique diagonal stripe pattern in a stylish lavender color that adds personality to your daily dog walks.

Inside the rope material is a sturdy stainless steel leash hook that securely attaches to your dog’s collar. The silver metal hook is rust-resistant so you can use this leash outside in all weather conditions without worrying about corrosion over time.

Comfortable Neoprene Handle for Easy Grip

The highlight of this rope dog leash is the comfortable neoprene handle that makes it easy to maintain control of your dog. The neoprene has a soft, cushioned feel in your hand so you can comfortably grip the leash without irritating your skin.

The flexible neoprene also molds to your hand so you can securely hold onto the leash without it slipping, even if your dog suddenly lunges or pulls. This gives you much better control over your dog’s movements while out on a walk.

Convenient 4 Foot Length

The Blueberry Pet Diagonal Striped Dog Rope Leash is 4 feet long, which is an ideal length for keeping your dog close by your side. The 4 foot length gives your dog a bit of room to explore and sniff around, while still allowing you to rein them back in easily.

This length is great for walking in neighborhoods or downtown areas where you don’t want your dog wandering too far. The 4 feet also makes it easy to quickly wrap the leash around your hand or wrist so you can maintain secure control.

Designed for All Dog Breeds and Sizes

This stylish rope leash is designed to accommodate small, medium and large dog breeds. The durable polyester rope construction makes it strong enough to handle pull pressure from larger dogs up to 110 lbs.

At the same time, the flexible rope material has some give for shock absorption so it won’t jerk hard if your small dog makes a sudden movement. The 1/2 inch diameter is a versatile size that works for everything from tiny pups up to big pullers.

Reflective Threads for Visibility

The Blueberry Pet Diagonal Striped Dog Rope Leash contains reflective threads woven throughout the rope material so you and your dog remain visible during nighttime walks. The reflective accents help reflect light from vehicle headlights back towards the driver so they can see you from further away even in low light conditions.

This adds an important element of safety when walking your dog after sunset or early in the morning before the sun is up. Drivers will be able to spot you and your dog easier, preventing accidents and keeping you both out of harm’s way.

Durable for Years of Use

This leash is designed with durability in mind so you can enjoy it for years of daily walks. The strong polyester rope material holds up well to regular use without fraying or tearing. It won’t get ruined if it gets wet either.

The neoprene handle also maintains its cushiony grip over time instead of flattening out after months of use. And the rust-resistant stainless steel leash hook keeps a strong hold without corrosion issues.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

To keep your Blueberry Pet Diagonal Striped Dog Rope Leash looking its best, occasional cleaning is recommended. You can easily wipe down the rope and neoprene handle with a damp cloth to remove dirt or mud after walks.

If needed, the rope material can be washed in the washing machine on a gentle cycle then air dried. Avoid soaking the neoprene for extended periods to prevent damage to the material. Proper cleaning helps maintain the stylish look and extends the life of your leash.

Stylish Walks with Your Dog

The Blueberry Pet Diagonal Striped Dog Rope Leash adds a fashionable look to your daily dog walks. The diagonal lavender and white stripes give it a preppy style your neighbors will notice during your outings.

The pops of color complement any outfit you choose to wear while walking your dog. It shows off your personal fashion sense while keeping your dog secure by your side on a sturdy leash.

Lifetime Guarantee

Blueberry Pet stands behind the quality of the Diagonal Striped Dog Rope Leash by offering a lifetime product guarantee. If you ever have an issue with any defect in material or workmanship, Blueberry Pet will replace your leash at no charge.

This guarantee shows the confidence the company has in the durable construction and long-lasting performance of this stylish rope leash. You can buy it with confidence knowing it’s built to last.

Take Your Dog for Stylish Walks

The Blueberry Pet Diagonal Striped Dog Rope Leash is the perfect accessory for fashionable walks with your dog. The durable polyester rope design provides excellent control while the neoprene handle gives you a comfortable, secure grip.

Reflective threads add safety, and the lifetime guarantee provides peace of mind. Choose from the stylish color options to complement your own personal style. Your dog will love going for walks in the neighborhood with this well-made leash.


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