Blue Wilderness Dog Gravy Snacks Variety Pack with WoWing Pet Pendant



Treat your pup to a mouthwatering medley of flavors with the Blue Wilderness Trail Toppers Dog Gravy Snacks Variety Pack. This sampler pack includes 16 gravy-soaked snack packs in four tantalizing flavors – Beef, Chicken, Salmon, and Duck. Plus, get a bonus WoWing Pets pendant so you can show off your dog walking pride.

Four Succulent Gravy Flavors

Tasty Beef Trail Toppers: Savory beef simmered in a rich brown beef gravy makes this a paw-licking favorite.

Chicken Trail Toppers: Plump chunks of chicken breast bathed in homestyle chicken gravy will have your dog drooling for more.

Wild Salmon Trail Toppers: Flaky wild salmon bits soaked in a creamy, omega-rich salmon gravy provides a taste of the wilderness.

Duck Trail Toppers: Shredded duck and vibrant green peas steeped in a sweet and savory duck gravy ups the ante with an upscale flavor.

With four flavors to discover, your pup will delight in the variety. These Trail Topper snack packs add exciting new flavors to kibble or stand alone as tasty, gravy-soaked treats.

Premium Wild Protein Sources

Packed with high quality protein from beef, chicken, salmon, and duck, these Trail Toppers support your active pup’s muscular health. The wild proteins deliver essential amino acids to maintain and repair muscles.

Grain-Free for Sensitive Stomachs

Crafted without grains, corn, wheat, soy or by-product meals, these Trail Toppers minimize ingredients that may cause food sensitivities. The gentle recipe soothes sensitive tummies.

Gravy-Soaked Bits

Dunked in mouthwatering gravies, the moist meat and veggie pieces in these Trail Toppers pack a double punch of flavor in every bite. The tasty gravy tempts even the pickiest eaters.

Convenient On-the-Go Size

Take these 3 ounce snack packs on walks, outings, or trips to reward your well-behaved dog. The single-serve size packs make it easy to bring the flavor wherever your adventures lead.

Made in the USA

Produced in Blue Buffalo’s own American facilities, these Trail Toppers are crafted under the strictest quality and safety standards. You can feel good choosing treats made in the USA.

Bonus WoWing Pet Pendant

Show off your dog walking pride with the included WoWing pendant featuring a cute dog. Available in assorted colors, this pendant attaches to your leash, collar, purse, keys or backpack to display your dog obsession.

All-Natural Ingredients

These Trail Toppers contain no artificial flavors, preservatives or colors. You’ll only find ingredients you recognize – never any mystery filler. Just high-quality protein sources packed with flavor.

Give your dog a tantalizing medley of gravy-drenched flavors with the Blue Wilderness Trail Toppers Variety Pack. They’ll lap up every savory drop!


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