Blue Ridge Sweet Potato Dog Treats



Blue Ridge Naturals Sweet Tater Fries Sweet Potato Dog Treats

Treat your dog to the delicious flavor of sweet potato fries with Blue Ridge Naturals Sweet Tater Fries made from 100% natural sweet potatoes. These single-ingredient baked fries are a tasty and nutritious snack your dog will love!

Blue Ridge Sweet Potato Fries contain just one premium ingredient – nutrient-dense sweet potatoes. Baked until crispy, these sweet potato fries deliver irresistible crunch and savory flavor in every bite. Your dog will drool for these crunchy veggie fries!

Sweet potatoes are rich in beneficial vitamins, minerals and fiber. Vitamin A promotes healthy vision while vitamin C supports immune health. Sweet potato fries make a superfood treat packed with natural goodness.

Made in the USA, Blue Ridge Sweet Tater Fries contain absolutely no artificial ingredients – just 100% natural sweet potatoes baked to perfection. Give your dog a crispy, delicious fry they’ll devour!

100% Premium Sweet Potatoes

Blue Ridge Sweet Potato Dog Treats have only one ingredient: 100% all-natural sweet potatoes grown in the USA. No fillers, additives or artificial flavors are used.

Real sliced sweet potatoes are baked until perfectly crisp to create irresistible fries bursting with authentic sweet potato flavor. It’s pure, wholesome goodness from nose to tail.

Packed with Vitamins and Fiber

Sweet potatoes provide an excellent source of essential vitamins and fiber. Vitamin A is important for healthy eyesight while vitamin C supports your dog’s immune system.

Fiber helps maintain digestive health and keeps your dog feeling satisfied. With vitamins, minerals and fiber, these veggie fries deliver nutritious benefits in every crunchy bite!

Crispy Fries for Excited Dogs

The crispy texture and tantalizing sweet potato flavor will get tails wagging! Your dog will jump through hoops just to sink their teeth into these crunchy baked fries.

A perfect size for all dogs, these single-ingredient sweet potato fries make an irresistible treat for rewarding good boys and girls. It’s a crispy goodness they’ll love!

Product Features:

  • 100% all-natural sweet potatoes
  • No artificial ingredients or fillers
  • Crunchy baked fries
  • Packed with vitamins and fiber
  • Single-ingredient treat
  • Delicious sweet potato flavor
  • Made in the USA

A Superfood Treat They’ll Adore

Made with just one premium ingredient, Blue Ridge Naturals Sweet Potato Fries give your dog a crunchy, fiber-filled superfood snack. Your dog will jump for joy over these fries!


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