Blue Ridge Naturals Pork Sweet Potato Dog Treats, 12oz



Give your dog a tasty, nutritious treat with Blue Ridge Naturals Pork Sweet Potato Jerky Dog Treats. These all-natural jerkies are made with pork and sweet potato for a flavor combo your pup will love.

The soft, chewy texture makes these jerky strips easy to tear into smaller training treats. Plus, they deliver a boost of glucosamine to support joint health. Suitable for dogs of all sizes and ages, these little jerky bites pack a powerful nutritional punch.

Supports Joint Health

These jerkies contain glucosamine, an amino sugar that helps build cartilage to cushion joints. Regular jerky treats help maintain healthy joint fluid and flexibility as your dog ages. The mobility support makes these an excellent choice for active dogs.

Premium Pork Protein

Dogs thrive on animal protein for strong muscles and energy. These jerky strips are packed with premium pork protein to support your pup’s active lifestyle. The savory pork flavor entices even the pickiest eaters.

Digestible Sweet Potato Carbs

The sweet potato in these jerkies provides a boost of vitamin A, vitamin C, and fiber. As a low glycemic index carbohydrate, sweet potato offers slow-burning energy without spiking blood sugar. It’s highly digestible for sensitive tummies.

Mouthwatering Flavor Combo

What dog can resist the scrumptious taste of pork and sweet potato together? These complementary savory and sweet flavors create jerky your pup will drool over. The oven baking intensifies the flavors in every bite.

Easily Torn for Training

The soft texture lets you tear these jerky strips into small, bite-size pieces to use as training treats. Reward your pup with tasty pork and sweet potato bits when teaching basic commands or obedience.

Promotes Dental Health

As your dog chews on these jerky strips, the abrasive texture helps scrape away plaque and tartar buildup on teeth. The natural chewing action freshens their breath too. Unlike rawhide, these treats are highly digestible.

Single Source of Pork Protein

Containing just two ingredients – pork and sweet potato – these jerkies minimize ingredients that may cause sensitivities. They deliver a concentrated source of premium animal protein for muscle growth.

No Artificial Ingredients

You’ll only find natural ingredients in these jerky strips – never any artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors. We don’t believe dogs need “mystery meat” full of questionable additives.

Proudly Crafted in the USA

Produced in the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, these jerkies are lovingly crafted in our family-owned facility. Only American-sourced ingredients are used to create treats you can trust.

For Pups of All Life Stages

The highly digestible jerky formula makes these treats suitable for dogs of all ages – from growing puppies to senior dogs. The soft texture prevents choking hazards for older dogs with dental issues.

Show your dog you care by treating them to delicious, nutritious Blue Ridge Naturals Pork Sweet Potato Jerky Dog Treats today! Their wagging tail will tell you these jerky bites are a big hit.


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