Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Dog Food – Perfect for Adult Dogs Looking to Shred Unwanted Pounds



Does your adult pup seem to be packing on a few extra pounds? Is your once energetic buddy now sluggish and sedentary? Help your faithful companion get their groove back with Blue Buffalo’s Wilderness High Protein Turkey & Chicken Grill canned dog food. This grain-free wet dog food is perfectly formulated to help adult dogs achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

High-Quality Protein to Build Lean Muscle

The foundation of this diet is real, meaty turkey and chicken – not mystery meats or useless fillers. Turkey and chicken are naturally lean sources of protein that will help your dog feel satisfied and build strong, metabolism-boosting muscle. And since this formula is 100% grain-free, every bite is packed with premium animal protein, not low-quality carbs and fibers.

Wholesome Fruits and Veggies for Natural Vitality

In addition to being protein-rich, this wet dog food delivers a hefty serving of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables. Carrots, blueberries, and cranberries provide natural sources for key vitamins and minerals. These wholesome plant ingredients deliver nutrients for whole-body health and vitality. Feel confident feeding your dog a diet without artificial vitamin packs or synthetic nutrient sprays.

Say No to Unnecessary Fillers

Many leading dog food brands bulk up their wet foods with grains and carbohydrates that offer little nutritional value. Cheap fillers like corn, wheat, and soy simply lead to excess weight gain. Blue Buffalo’s grain-free formula skips the unwanted fillers and packs each can with 36% minimum protein. This wet food is nutrient-dense – not loaded down with excess carbs and calories.

No By-Product Meals or Artificial Ingredients

You won’t find any mystery ingredients like poultry by-products, artificial flavors or chemical preservatives in this diet. Blue Buffalo avoids these risky ingredients to provide a natural, wholesome diet you can feel good about feeding. This means you get only real, recognizable foods like turkey, chicken, carrots and blueberries.

Convenient and Versatile Meal Options

This 12-pack of 12.5-ounce cans makes it easy to give your dog the protein and nutrients they need. Mix a spoonful into their regular kibble to amp up flavor and nutrition. Or serve the savory grilled meat as a complete and balanced meal on its own. Whatever you choose, your dog is sure to love the rich, meaty taste. No more turning up their nose when it’s time to eat!

Quality Ingredients for Whole-Body Health

This Blue Buffalo formula is enhanced with the perfect blend of vitamins, chelated minerals, and amino acids. Vitamins A, B, C, and E support immune health, while calcium, phosphorus, and glucosamine help build healthy bones and joints. Added taurine promotes heart health and good eyesight. This complete nutrition profile fuels your dog’s whole-body wellness.

Made in the USA with the Finest Ingredients

All Blue Buffalo products are made right here in the USA with globally sourced ingredients. They abide by the strictest quality standards and food safety protocols to ensure each batch meets their exacting nutritional standards. Feeding your dog Blue Buffalo is a smart way to provide natural nutrition you can trust.

Give Your Dog the Diet They Deserve!

Your faithful companion gives their unconditional love and loyalty each day. Show them just how much they mean to you by feeding the high-quality nutrition of Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein wet dog food. The premium ingredients will help them achieve a healthy weight and feel their absolute best. This grain-free formula packs a protein punch to promote lean muscle, without excess carbs and calories. Make the switch today and get your best buddy back to their old energetic, happy self!


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