Blue Buffalo True Solutions Healthy Weight Chicken Dog Food for Adult Dogs – Weight Management and Weight Control Support



Does your adult dog need help with weight management? As a pet owner, keeping your dog at a healthy weight is one of the best things you can do for their overall health and happiness. Excess weight puts added stress on joints and internal organs, decreases energy, and can lead to other health issues.

That’s why Blue Buffalo’s True Solutions Healthy Weight formula is specially designed to help adult dogs achieve and maintain a healthy weight. This natural dry dog food provides the perfect balance of quality nutrition and calorie control.

Moderate Calories with Enriched Fiber for Fuller Feeling

The key to healthy weight loss is moderation. True Solutions Healthy Weight dog food contains 25% fewer calories than Blue’s adult maintenance formulas. It provides a moderate calorie intake to help your dog burn excess fat and reach an ideal body condition, without cutting calories too drastically.

To help your dog feel satisfied with smaller meal portions, this formula contains 7% crude fiber, enriched with heavy fibers like cellulose and tomato pomace. These functional fibers provide a “full factor” to help curb hunger. Your dog stays fuller longer after meals, while the healthy fiber also supports digestion.

Natural Ingredients Recommended by Veterinarians

This Blue Buffalo formula is made with thoughtfully chosen, natural ingredients to nourish your adult dog and aid in healthy weight management. It contains:

✔ Chicken: Real, deboned chicken is the first ingredient and protein source. Chicken provides lean, quality protein to help maintain and build muscle mass while losing weight.

✔ Whole Grains: Barley, brown rice and oatmeal provide complex carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. They are digested slowly to provide steady energy for an active lifestyle.

✔ Fruits and Veggies: Carrots, cranberries, apples and more offer natural sources for key nutrients, along with antioxidants to support overall health.

✔ L-Carnitine: This amino acid helps the body convert fat into energy and maintain lean muscle mass. It aids fat metabolism and weight management.

✔ LifeSource Bits: These vitamin and mineral rich pieces contain a precise blend to support healthy bodily functions.

This thoughtful ingredient selection is why True Solutions Healthy Weight is recommended by veterinarians and pet experts. It provides complete and balanced nutrition tailored to your adult dog’s weight loss needs.

No Fillers, By-Products or Artificial Ingredients

When choosing a weight management dog food, quality nutrition is key. That’s why this Blue Buffalo formula contains NO chicken (or poultry) by-product meals, corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors, or preservatives.

It’s made only with premium natural ingredients to provide the very best for your beloved dog. You can feel good knowing there are no unnecessary fillers or artificial additives – only wholesome nutrition to support their health and wellbeing while slimming down to a healthy weight.

Quality Nutrition for Adult Dogs from a Trusted Brand

Blue Buffalo has been making natural, healthy pet foods since 2002. They craft their recipes to provide holistic nutrition and support specific needs, using only the finest natural ingredients enhanced with vitamins and minerals.

Their True Solutions line provides tailored nutrition to help dogs thrive, with specific formulas for puppies, adults, seniors, and weight management. This Healthy Weight formula delivers quality nutrition for adult dogs, to aid weight loss and maintenance.

It comes in an 11-pound bag to provide a 30 day supply for smaller dogs, or a 15 day supply for larger breeds. The resealable bag keeps contents fresh. Give your adult dog Blue Buffalo True Solutions Healthy Weight to support their health and help them achieve a trim, fit figure!

What Customers are Saying:

“This food has been amazing for my lab mix that has put on a few pounds over the last year. She’s lost weight steadily and seems to feel much better even with just light walks now. It also seems to give her more energy. My vet was very pleased with ingredients list and amount of weight lost when we went in for a checkup. My girl is very food-motivated so I was worried she’d dislike it, but had no issues switching her over.”

“I have a 7 year old Chihuahua that started packing on extra pounds when I introduced treats for training. The True Solutions Healthy Weight formula has been perfect for helping him slim down without having to completely eliminate treats. He loves the taste and his tummy doesn’t get upset like with some other ‘diet’ foods we tried. I switched both my chis to this food and they are doing great.”

“This targets weight loss while still providing quality nutrition. My lab would just keep gaining on regular food even with lots of exercise, but the healthy weight formula has finally helped him start shedding excess fat. I can tell it makes him feel better to be leaner again too. Love having a weight control food my dog enjoys eating.”


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