Blue Buffalo True Chews Chicken Grillers Dog Treats, 12oz Bag



Give your dog a mouthwatering grilled flavor with True Chews Chicken Grillers from Blue Buffalo. These meaty treats are made with real chicken as the first ingredient for a savory taste your pup will love.

Dogs go crazy for the charbroiled texture of these grillers. They look and smell just like a tasty BBQ snack! Real chicken provides a delicious smoky flavor in every bite. You can break them into smaller training treats or give bigger dogs the whole griller to gnaw and lick away.

Made with only premium natural ingredients, these grillers contain no chicken by-product meals, corn, wheat or soy. They are also free from artificial preservatives and colors. Just wholesome ingredients to support your dog’s health.

The resealable 12-ounce bag keeps treats fresh and convenient. Reward your well-behaved buddy with the smoky barbecue flavor of Chicken Grillers. Their tails will wag uncontrollably when they see these treats come out!

Real Chicken First

Chicken is the first ingredient in these meaty grillers, providing a savory flavor dogs crave. Packed with protein, real chicken gives your dog a nutritious treat they’ll love.

Made with the same quality chicken found in human foods, Blue Buffalo uses only the finest ingredients. No cheap by-product meals or artificial flavors. Just delicious, protein-rich chicken.

Charbroiled Texture

Dogs go wild for the tantalizing texture of these charbroiled treats. They look and smell just like you grilled them fresh on the barbecue!

The grill marks add crunchy texture on the outside with a juicy interior. Your dog will delight in nibbling and licking every tasty morsel. These meaty biscuits make the perfect satisfying chew.

Wholesome Natural Ingredients

You want to give your pup only the very best. That’s why these treats are thoughtfully crafted with premium natural ingredients and no fillers.

In addition to savory chicken, they contain antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. But no chicken by-products, corn, wheat or soy. And zero artificial preservatives, colors or flavors – only nourishing nutrition.

Made in the USA

You can trust Blue Buffalo treats made right here in the USA. Their products adhere to the strictest quality and safety standards.

From sourcing premium ingredients to manufacturing, Blue Buffalo oversees every step of crafting their treats. So you can feel good rewarding your dog with Grillers made under their watchful eye.

Resealable Bag For Freshness

Your pooch’s nose will go wild smelling the mouthwatering aroma of these Grillers. The 12-ounce bag seals tight to ensure every treat stays fresh.

The convenient resealable package makes it easy to grab a protein-packed, smoky snack anytime your dog has been extra good. Simply store any leftover grillers in the fridge to maintain peak quality.

Key Benefits

  • Made with real chicken as the first ingredient
  • Delicious charbroiled smoky flavor
  • Crunchy outside with a chewy center
  • Protein-rich recipe supports muscle growth
  • Contains NO corn, wheat, soy or artificial ingredients
  • Fortified with vitamins and antioxidants
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • 12-ounce resealable package

All Dogs Love a Meaty Grillers!

Surprise your tiny terrier or giant Great Dane with these irresistible grillers. Break into small training treats for little pups. Big dogs will blissfully gnaw the whole tasty biscuit.

The charbroiled flavor and smoky aroma are sure to captivate your canine’s senses. Smaller breeds like Yorkies and Malteses will savor the burst of chicken flavor. While larger dogs like German Shepherds benefit from chewing the protein-packed biscuit.

Reward your well-mannered mutt with the taste of barbecue they crave. Watch them drool in anticipation with every crunchy, meaty bite. Grab a bag of Blue Buffalo’s True Chews Chicken Grillers today!


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