Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Natural Adult Wet Dog Food, Chicken – Tender Chicken Pieces in Gravy – Grain Free Canned Dog Food – 12.5 oz, 12 Pack



Give your furry best friend the wholesome nutrition he deserves with Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Natural Adult Wet Dog Food. Made with real chicken as the first ingredient, this grain-free canned dog food provides high-quality protein to support healthy muscle maintenance in adult dogs.

This paté-style wet food features tender pieces of chicken soaked in a delicious gravy that your dog will love. The savory chicken and gravy formula makes a tasty treat or addition when mixed into your pup’s regular kibble. It can also be served on its own as a complete and balanced meal.

Blue Buffalo crafts their Homestyle dog food recipes to be reminiscent of a home-cooked dinner made from your own kitchen. They use only the finest natural ingredients enhanced with essential vitamins and minerals to keep your four-legged family member happy and healthy.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing Blue Buffalo wet dog food contains NO chicken (or poultry) by-product meals, NO corn, wheat or soy, and NO artificial flavors or preservatives. It’s formulated for the health and well-being of adult dogs of all breeds and sizes.

Key Features:

  • Real chicken is the first ingredient – Made with high-quality protein including real chicken to support healthy muscles
  • Grain free recipe – Features a tasty gravy with carrot and potato for a wholesome grain free meal
  • Natural ingredients – Enhanced with vitamins and minerals with NO by-product meals, corn, wheat, soy or artificial flavors
  • Three ways to feed – Serve as a treat, mix into kibble or feed as a complete meal
  • Adult dog food – Formulated for the health and well-being of adult dogs of all breeds and sizes

Give Your Dog the Nutrition They Deserve

Dog parents want to give their fur babies the very best. With Blue Buffalo wet dog food, you can provide wholesome homemade-style meals packed with natural nutrition in every can.

This grain-free chicken recipe starts with real chicken as the first ingredient. Chicken provides essential amino acids dogs need to build and maintain healthy muscles. The tender chicken pieces soaked in savory gravy gives this wet food tons of appetizing flavor your dog will love.

Enhanced with vitamins and minerals, this canned formula gives adult dogs complete and balanced nutrition in every bite. It has zero corn, wheat or soy, which are simply inexpensive fillers that can cause digestive upset in some dogs.

Blue Buffalo wet foods also contain no by-product meals, artificial flavors or preservatives. You can feel confident feeding your furry companion a high-quality diet to keep them active and healthy.

Three Delicious Ways to Feed

This Blue Buffalo canned dog food provides versatility to suit your dog’s preferences and your own feeding routine. There are three tasty ways to feed this Homestyle Recipe wet food:

  • As a Treat – Spoon a few tablespoons into your dog’s bowl for a hearty homemade-style snack.
  • Mixed with Kibble – Add a scoop or can to their regular dry food to add enticing flavor and moisture.
  • As a Meal – Serve the paté right from the can for a complete and balanced grain-free meal.

The chicken recipe features a smooth and meaty texture with hearty pieces your dog will love to devour. You can even use the cans to create fun dog-friendly “pupcakes” and other treats.

Quality Ingredients

Blue Buffalo chooses only the finest natural ingredients for their Homestyle Recipe wet foods. Key ingredients include:

  • Real Chicken – Delicious chicken provides essential amino acids for strong, healthy muscles
  • Chicken Broth -Savory chicken broth delivers rich flavor dogs crave
  • Potato – A highly digestible carbohydrate source
  • Carrots – Vitamin-rich vegetables for antioxidant support
  • Guar Gum – A natural thickening agent with benefits for digestion

With quality proteins, digestible carbs, and vitamin-rich veggies, Blue Buffalo provides complete everyday nutrition in each recipe. All of their premium dog food is enhanced with a special blend of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to support total body health and wellness.

Why Dog Parents Love Blue Buffalo Wet Food

Pet parents trust Blue Buffalo to provide natural nutrition tailored for their dog’s needs. Here’s why they love feeding their pups Blue wet foods like the Homestyle Recipe Chicken:

  • Dogs enthusiastically devour the tasty homemade-style recipes
  • Quality ingredients and added vitamins support health and happiness
  • Grain-free options avoid ingredients that cause allergies in some dogs
  • Softer texture benefits dogs with dental issues
  • Convenient cans are ready to serve for any meal or treat time
  • Made in the USA with stringent standards for safety

With Blue Buffalo wet foods, you can feel good about nourishing your dog’s body and delighting their taste buds at meal time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the shelf life of Blue Buffalo canned dog food?

Unopened cans of Blue Buffalo wet dog food have a shelf life of two years. Once opened, refrigerate unused portion and use within 5-7 days.

Is Blue Buffalo good quality dog food?

Yes, Blue Buffalo makes premium quality natural dog food with wholesome ingredients enhanced with vitamins and antioxidants. Their recipes are specially formulated by veterinarians and animal nutrition experts.

Is Blue Buffalo grain free?

Blue Buffalo offers both grain-inclusive and grain-free recipes. Their Homestyle Recipe line of wet foods features delicious grain-free options like this Chicken recipe.

What is the carb content?

This grain-free Homestyle Recipe Chicken formula has approximately 3.5% carbs, with potato as the main plant-based ingredient.

Is this a complete meal or intended as a topper?

Blue Buffalo’s Homestyle Recipe canned foods can be fed as a complete and balanced meal by itself or used as a topper mixed with dry kibble.

What type of dog is this formula best suited for?

This Chicken Homestyle Recipe canned food is formulated to meet the nutritional needs of adult dogs of all breeds and sizes.

Take Home an Tail-Wagging Flavor

Give your faithful companion the nutrition he deserves with the natural goodness of Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe. This grain-free chicken wet food makes it easy to serve up wholesome homemade-style meals packed with flavor and hearty nutrition. With real chicken as the first ingredient, this canned formula will have him licking his bowl clean while providing complete and balanced nutrition. Choose Blue Buffalo wet foods for the high-quality nutrition to keep your dog happy and healthy for years to come.


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