Blue Buffalo Hearty Beef Stew Wet Dog Food (12 Pack)



Give your dog the protein-rich nutrition they crave with Blue Buffalo Hearty Beef Stew wet dog food. This grain-free canned dog food features real beef as the first ingredient, offering a tasty source of high-quality protein to help support your dog’s muscles and keep them satisfied.

Each 12.5 oz can is packed with chunks of delicious beef stew in a mouthwatering gravy that your dog will love. This wet dog food contains no chicken (or poultry) by-product meals, no corn, wheat or soy, and no artificial flavors or preservatives – only wholesome natural ingredients enhanced with essential vitamins and minerals.

Real Beef is the #1 Ingredient

Dogs are carnivores by nature and thrive on high protein diets. That’s why the first ingredient in Blue Buffalo’s Hearty Beef Stew wet food is real beef. Lean beef provides an excellent source of protein to help nourish your dog’s muscles and satisfy their inner wolf.

This grain-free canned dog food features tasty morsels of beef stew cooked in a savory gravy that will drive your dog wild. The hearty stew is made with carrots, potatoes, peas and tomatoes to provide a superfood blend that adds visual appeal and important nutrients.

Wholesome Natural Ingredients

In addition to real beef as the first ingredient, Blue Buffalo’s Hearty Beef Stew wet dog food contains a unique mix of wholesome veggies, fruits and herbs. Ingredients like carrots, sweet potatoes, blueberries and cranberries deliver antioxidant support from natural sources.

This canned dog food also contains taurine, an amino acid that supports your dog’s heart health. And it’s enhanced with a precise blend of vitamins, chelated minerals and nutritious oils to give your dog complete and balanced nutrition.

You can feel good knowing Blue Buffalo Hearty Beef Stew wet food contains NO chicken (or poultry) by-product meals, NO corn, wheat or soy, and NO artificial flavors or preservatives. It’s made only with premium natural ingredients to support your dog’s overall health and wellbeing.

Three Ways to Feed

Blue Buffalo Hearty Beef Stew wet dog food gives you flexibility in how you feed it to your furry friend. Here are three delicious ways to serve it up:

  • As a meal: Serve the 12.5 oz can on its own for a nutritionally balanced single serving.
  • As a mixer: Scoop a few spoonfuls on top of your dog’s favorite dry kibble to add mouthwatering flavor and moisture.
  • As a tasty treat: Spoon out a portion to give your dog a protein-packed snack or reward during training.

However you choose to feed it, Blue Buffalo’s grain-free Hearty Beef Stew will satisfy your dog’s cravings and fuel their wild side. Your pup will love diving into the chunks of beef and licking the gravy right from the can!

Quality Standards You Can Trust

All BLUE canned dog foods are produced under strict quality standards to ensure your dog gets the very best nutrition. Here are some of the steps Blue Buffalo takes to craft their premium wet foods:

  • Raw meat ingredients are carefully sourced from suppliers that must meet stringent qualifications.
  • Ingredients are meticulously inspected and tested for quality and safety.
  • Cans are cleaned repeatedly during the pet food making process to remove any contaminants.
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing equipment is used for precision production.
  • Final products are tested for key nutrients to guarantee formulas meet specifications.

You can trust Blue Buffalo to provide safe, healthy and delicious canned dog food that aligns with their promise – Love them like family. Feed them like family.

Feed Your Dog Like Family

Show your pup how much they mean to you by feeding Blue Buffalo’s Hearty Beef Stew grain-free wet dog food. Real beef combines with antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies in a savory gravy your dog will love lapping up.

Made with premium natural ingredients and enhanced with essential nutrients, Blue Buffalo’s wet food delivers the high-quality nutrition dogs need. Give your furry family member the protein-packed canned food they crave and reward their wild side with hearty beef stew flavor.

Order a 12-pack of 12.5 oz cans today and see the tail wags and happy faces when you crack open these flavor-filled cans! Your dog will be howling for more of this delicious grain-free wet food.


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