Blue-9 Dog Training Leash – Short 9 Inch Tab Lead for Obedience, Recall, and Agility Training



The Perfect Transitional Tool for Off-Leash Training

Training a dog takes time, consistency, and the right tools. For many dog owners, getting their pup to reliably come when called or walk calmly without pulling is an ongoing process. That’s where the Blue-9 Dog Training Leash comes in. This short 9 inch tab leash is the ideal transitional tool to help you achieve advanced obedience training goals.

Whether you’re working on off-leash heeling, perfecting the recall, or introducing agility equipment, this sturdy tab leash gives you just enough control while still allowing your dog freedom to move. The short 9 inch lead won’t get tangled between your feet or restrict your dog’s natural movement. Yet the handy tab handle allows you to quickly and easily take control if needed. This makes it easier to guide your dog or prevent bolting while transitioning to off-leash work.

Added Reassurance for Advanced Training

Even when your dog is ready for off-leash work, it’s smart to take precautions. The Blue-9 Dog Training Leash provides that added bit of security and control during advanced training. Attach it to your dog’s collar or slip it through the loop on a harness so it hangs freely. Now your dog can run, play, and work untethered. But if you need to quickly get hold of your pup, just grab the short tab.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing you can easily restrain your dog if they start to wander or get distracted. Yet when not in use, the short 9 inch lead stays out of the way. It won’t annoy your dog or restrict natural movement unnecessarily. Think of it like training wheels for off-leash work. The tab leash makes the transition smoother and safer for both of you.

Much Safer Than Choke Collars or Retractable Leashes

Let’s face it, choke collars and retractable leashes pose risks. A chain slip collar applies harmful pressure on your dog’s neck and trachea when pulled. Retractable leashes make it too easy for dogs to build up speed and momentum, which can lead to injuries for both dog and human.

The Blue-9 Dog Training Leash is a much smarter and safer option. The soft nylon tab won’t cause neck or trachea damage when guided with gentle pressure. And at just 9 inches long, it helps keep your dog close while preventing the acceleration that can turn retractable leashes into dangerous weapons. For training, the tab leash provides excellent control without painful techniques or unsafe equipment.

Durable, Washable Design Built to Last

Daily use can take its toll on gear. But the Blue-9 Dog Training Leash is designed for longevity. It’s constructed from heavy-duty, chew-resistant nylon webbing. The high-quality material and reinforced stitching stands up to real world conditions. Muddy paws and water play won’t destroy it.

When it’s time for cleaning, you can simply detach the metal clip and tab handle and toss the lead in the washing machine. No need to worry if it gets filthy from outdoor training sessions. The leash comes out good as new after washing. No shrinking or damage to the sturdy nylon webbing.

With smart design and premium construction, this training lead is built to handle everything your dog can dish out. You’ll enjoy the reliability and convenience of a leash made to last through countless hours of training.

Proudly Made in the USA

Blue-9 Pet Products are purpose-built in Portland, Oregon by a team of passionate dog lovers. They don’t compromise on materials or construction – all gear is carefully designed and manufactured in the USA. This ensures the training leash meets the brand’s strict standards for performance, safety, and durability.

You can feel good knowing your money supports American workers and the high standards of domestic manufacturing. Blue-9 is committed to keeping jobs in the USA whenever possible. And the quality of their innovative pet products reflects this commitment to excellence.

Premium Gear for Strengthening the Human-Canine Bond

The team at Blue-9 believes deeply in the power of the bond between humans and dogs. They create gear that helps build trust and communication through activities like training, hiking, travel, and play. The Blue-9 Dog Training Leash embodies this passion. It’s meticulously designed to make training more effective and enjoyable.

When your relationship is strengthened through positive reinforcement training, the whole family benefits. Shared activities deepen the sense of teamwork, affection, and respect. Whether you’re just starting or ready for advanced work, this tab leash helps set you both up for training success.


  • Length: 9 inches
  • Width: 3/4 inch nylon webbing
  • Handle: ABS plastic with nylon webbing loop
  • Hardware: Stainless steel snap hook and welded D-ring
  • Leash Webbing Material: Heavy-duty, chew-resistant nylon
  • Handle Assembly Materials: ABS plastic and nylon webbing
  • Hardware: Stainless steel
  • Manufactured in Portland, Oregon

Bring out your dog’s best behavior with this must-have training tool. The Blue-9 Dog Training Leash offers smart design, quality craftsmanship, and safety for productive obedience sessions. Order today and see the outstanding control and reassurance this transitional tab leash adds to your training!


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