Blazin’ Safety LED Dog Leash – Illuminate Your Walks and Keep Your Pooch Safe



Out for an evening stroll with your pup? Make sure you both stay safe with the Blazin’ Safety LED Dog Leash. This smart leash lights up the night with super bright LEDs, ensuring full visibility for you and your dog up to 350 yards away. No more worrying about distracted drivers or not being seen after dark. The Blazin’ Safety Leash provides a circle of protection to avoid potential dangers on your walk.

Rechargeable USB Power Lasts Over 7 Hours Per Charge

Forget about buying batteries ever again! The Blazin’ Safety Leash contains a built-in lithium polymer battery that recharges via USB. Just plug it into your computer, power bank, or USB wall adapter. A full charge gives you over 7 hours of light – plenty for a week’s worth of nighttime walks. The LEDs are ultra bright to maximize visibility, yet the battery still lasts.

Slim, Lightweight Design with Padded Handle

This leash features a slimline lightweight design to prevent tangling and provide comfortable control. The on/off box containing the USB port and LEDs is the thinnest on the market, so it won’t get in your way. It’s easy to hold the padded handle without feeling any heat from the LEDs. Take it anywhere without hassle.

3 Light Modes Plus Safety Features

Select the lighting mode that suits your needs. Choose from solid light, rapid strobe flashing, or blinking. The rapid strobe mode grabs attention for maximum safety. Water resistant construction even allows use in the rain. Two steel swivels connect the handle to the leash strap, preventing tangling frustrations. The 1 inch wide nylon leash provides excellent control over your dog.

Multiple Colors Available – Match Your Dog’s Personality

The Blazin’ Safety Leash comes in a choice of colors to match your dog’s unique personality and style. Available colors include:

  • Purple – For playful, creative pups
  • Blue – Cool and laidback pooches
  • Red – Energetic, sporty dogs
  • Green – For outdoorsy, adventurous pets
  • Orange – Fun-loving social butterflies

You can also purchase the Blazin’ Safety Collar for a fully illuminated ensemble. The matching collar and leash combo provides 360° visibility for full protection.

Customers Love the Blazin’ Safety Leash

See what other pet parents are saying about the Blazin’ Safety Leash:

“This LED dog leash is perfect for night walks. I feel so much better about walking my dog when it’s dark out now that he has a brightly lit leash. The different light modes are so handy.” – Becky D.

“I liked that I could recharge this via USB instead of constantly buying batteries. The leash is good quality and the lights are very bright. My dog looks so cool when we go for nighttime walks now!” – Jeremy T.

“The padded handle makes this leash really comfortable to hold. The lights give me peace of mind that we’ll be seen. I would highly recommend this product to any pet owner.” – Stephanie P.

Keep Your Pet Safe Today

Don’t risk dangerous encounters during evening or nighttime dog walks. The Blazin’ Safety LED Dog Leash illuminates your surroundings, so you and your pooch can stroll stress-free. With brilliant LEDs, handy lighting modes, USB rechargeable battery, and smart styling, this is leash is the perfect blend of safety and fun.

Order the Blazin’ Safety Leash now and breathe easy knowing your pet stays in plain view! For optimal protection, pair it with the Blazin’ Safety Collar.


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