Black Rhino Dual Handle Dog Leash for Training and Control



Walk Your Dog in Comfort and Safety with the Black Rhino Dual Handle Dog Leash

The Black Rhino Dual Handle Dog Leash provides superior control and comfort for walking medium to large breed dogs. This heavy duty 6ft leash features two padded neoprene handles to give you versatile options for managing your dog.

Dual Handle Design for Training, Control, and Freedom

The first handle extends the full 6ft length, giving your dog freedom to explore and sniff on walks. The second handle sits 16 inches from the clasp for keeping your dog close at your side. Having two handle positions enables better training, control in busy areas, and safety near traffic.

Comfortable Soft-Grip Handles Reduce Hand Strain

Walks are more enjoyable for both dog and owner thanks to the comfortable padded neoprene handles. The soft cushioning helps prevent hand fatigue and blisters during long walks.

Reflective Accents and Heavy Duty Build for All Weather Walks

Feel secure walking your dog day or night with reflective threading woven into the leash. The durable nylon construction withstands all weather conditions. Suitable for medium to large dog breeds.

Give your dog safe, comfortable walks and better leash manners with the Black Rhino Dual Handle Dog Leash. Order today to train and explore with your loyal companion!


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