Birthday Fun for Furry Friends!



Treat your favorite feline to a purrfectly fun birthday celebration with the CiyvoLyeen 6 Piece Birthday Themed Catnip Toy Set. This adorable collection features six delightfully cute plush toys designed to excite and entertain cats of all ages. Whether your furry friend is turning one or twenty-one, these birthday-inspired toys will help make the occasion extra meow-morable!

The Set Includes:

Paw Print Birthday Crown – Let your cat feel like birthday royalty with this bright yellow crown accented with pink paw prints. The soft flannelette plush makes it comfy to wear during playtime.
Happy Birthday Balloon – A large rainbow balloon with “Happy Birthday” in bold letters is sure to capture your kitty’s curiosity. Batting at and carrying the balloon around by its string will provide hours of enjoyment.
Candled Birthday Cake – What’s a birthday without cake? This two-tiered blue cake toy has a smiling candle topper and colorful frosting details that your cat will love to nibble on.
Rainbow Fish Toy – Cats go crazy for these floppy fish! Your kitty will delight in chewing on the tail, tossing it in the air, and clutching it close while napping.
Gift Box – No birthday is complete without presents! Kitties will have a blast pretending to open this red gift box again and again to see what’s inside.
Party Hat – Top off the birthday fun with a pointy party hat in fun polka dots. Kittens will look adorable playing with the hat on or batting it around the room.
Quality Materials and Construction:

All the toys in this set are expertly handmade from super soft flannelette plush fabric and tightly stuffed with cotton filling. The material is durable enough for energetic play, while still being gentle on kitty teeth and gums. Each toy is hand sewn using color-matched thread for added reinforcement.

The plush fabric and cotton stuffing make these toys flexible and easy to pick up in your cat’s mouth. The fish and party hat especially will provide hours of flicking, chasing, and pouncing enjoyment. The crown, balloon, and gift box have simple shapes and designs cats love to grab, kick, and wrestle with.

Organic Catnip for Maximum Enjoyment:

These aren’t just ordinary plush toys – each one contains organic catnip for added playtime appeal! The natural herb provides a safe and mild “high” for cats that will send your kitty into a playful frenzy. Catnip activates receptors in your cat’s brain, making them energetic, euphoric and extremely affectionate.

Many owners love using catnip toys to strengthen their bond with their feline. Your cat will have a blast racing, leaping, and stalking their new birthday toys while under the influence of catnip. The organic herb is completely safe and non-addictive for pets. It’s your cat’s version of birthday cake!

Purrfectly Sized for Kittens and Cats:

This birthday toy set is designed with convenient sizing suitable for most cats:

The birthday cake measures 2 inches tall by 3.5 inches wide – ideal for small mouths to chomp on.
The gift box is about 2.2 x 2.2 inches – just right for paws to bat around and carry.
The fish, crown, balloon, and hat are a bit larger but still perfectly sized for kittens and average-sized cats to play with.
Of course, since the toys are handcrafted, exact dimensions may vary slightly. But you can be sure the proportions work great as interactive toys for cats and kittens. Your bday kitty will love having new plush pals to cuddle up with too!

Give the Gift of Play:

Want to surprise a friend’s cat for their big day? This birthday toy assortment makes a wonderfully thoughtful gift! For less than $20, you can brighten any cat lover’s special occasion. Simply add a sweet card and wrap the toys in tissue paper for an adorably purrsentable package.

The variety of toys guarantees hours of amusement and excitement for the birthday kitty. Your gift will provide mental stimulation, exercise, and joy…the purrfect celebratory experience! These catnip-stuffed toys are sure to be a hit at any feline’s birthday bash.

Bring On the Birthday Fun with CiyvoLyeen!

With six playful plush toys filled with catnip, the CiyvoLyeen Birthday Cat Toy Set has everything needed for a funtastic birthday celebration. The cute cake, balloon, fish, and party favors will keep your kitty entertained and delighted all day long. Let your creative cat imagination run wild with this awesome activity toy pack.

So go ahead – make your furry friend’s birthday wishes come true! Bring on the catnip, string up some streamers, and get ready for a party your pet won’t forget. The CiyvoLyeen Birthday Themed Cat Toy Set takes birthdays to the cat’s meow level. Give your feline the gift of play today!


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