BELPRO Escape Proof Dog Harness for Large Dogs – Maximum Control and Comfort for Your Active Companion



Your energetic furry friend deserves a harness built for adventure! Introducing the BELPRO Multi-Use Support Dog Harness, the ultimate walking and training tool for large and extra active pups. This heavy duty harness is designed to give you maximum control, keep your pup secure, and provide unbeatable comfort even on long hikes or training sessions.

Stay Visible and Safe

Don’t let the darkness limit your adventures! This dog harness features reflective tape trim so you and your pup can be easily seen on nighttime walks. The reflective accents ensure you both stay visible to vehicles and other people even when it’s dark out.

Built Tough and Tested

This large dog harness is constructed from super durable, high-density polyester webbing proven to withstand even the strongest pullers. It’s also lightweight and non-toxic, so it won’t weigh your dog down or irritate their skin. The breathable mesh lining adds comfort and prevents chafing.

Fully Adjustable for Customized Fit

A proper fit is essential for comfort and security. This dog harness has 5 points of adjustment so you can customize it to your dog’s unique shape and size. The adjustable straps make it easy to find the perfect fit for full mobility. Refer to our handy size chart to ensure you choose the right size for your pup.

Stop Pulling and Stay in Control

If your dog tends to pull, this is the harness for you! It’s designed to give you maximum control over even the strongest puller so you can put an end to leash pulling. The front clip lets you easily steer your dog back to your side if they start to pull. You’ll always stay in control.

Lift and Assist Handle for Added Support

The padded handle on the back makes this dog harness ideal for providing stability and assisting your pup. Help large or senior dogs into the car, lift them over obstacles, or aid rescue and service dogs. The reinforced handle supports your dog’s weight comfortably and securely.

Padded for Ultimate Comfort

Your pup’s comfort is a top priority! This dog harness features soft padding on the belly and chest panels to prevent chafing and discomfort. The breathable padding protects sensitive areas while keeping your dog cool. Your dog can hike, run, train, or walk in total comfort.

Get a harness tough enough for adventure but gentle enough for everyday walks! This multi-use dog harness gives you control over pullers, provides comfort for your companion, and ensures you both stay visible after dark. The adjustable design and padded handle offer versatility and support.

Don’t settle for flimsy harnesses that won’t stand up to your active dog. Get the BELPRO Support Dog Harness and experience the freedom of adventure without restraints or discomfort! Pick your perfect size and color now to get walking in comfort and style.


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