Bells for Pets – Soothing Sounds for Happy Pets



Give your pet the gift of music and keep track of their whereabouts with this 2-pack of stainless steel bells for dog and cat collars. These premium bells provide a gentle jingle to soothe your pet while letting you know where they are at all times.

The set includes 2 collars bells with easy snap closures that securely attach to your pet’s collar D-ring. Each bell produces a crisp, pleasant sound when your pet moves so you can monitor their location indoors or out. The rounded bell shape will not catch on furniture or vegetation like dangly charms.

With a height of 2 inches, these solid bells are perfectly sized for any dog breed or cat. The 0.48 inch diameter openings allow the sound to carry well without being overpowering. Give your pets the gift of music therapy while maintaining awareness of their movements.

Key Features:

  • Set of 2 stainless steel collar bells for dogs and cats
  • Crisp pleasant jingle sound alerts you to pet’s location
  • Heavy duty snap closures keep bells securely on collar
  • Suitable for all pet collar sizes
  • 2 inch bell height and 0.48 inch diameter
  • Rounded edges won’t catch on furniture and plants
  • Stainless steel won’t rust or tarnish

Soothing Jingle Bells

The gentle jingle of these collar bells provides auditory stimulation for your pet. The pleasant chiming sound can have a calming effect to ease anxiety or overstimulation in pets.

You’ll love hearing the soothing bells as your dog or cat moves about calmly in your home. The jingle alerts you to their location so you can monitor their activity and whereabouts. No more accidentally stepping on a napping pet!

The sturdy bells will withstand leashed walks, hikes, and outdoor adventures with your active pup. When clipped to a hunting or working dog’s collar, the jingle bells allow you to keep track of their location and movements while on the job.

Quality Materials & Construction

These bells are crafted from durable, high-quality stainless steel that will withstand regular use without rust, tarnish, or breakage.

The heavy duty snap closures keep the bells securely attached to your pet’s collar D-ring so they won’t pull off while running or playing. Pets stay safe while having fun with the pleasant chime of their new bells.

At 2 inches tall, these bells are the ideal size to produce a crisp, resonant sound for any dog or cat. The rounded edges prevent snagging and damage to furniture, flooring, vegetation, or your pet’s fur.

Easy to remove for quiet time, bathing, or storage, these premium bells provide long-lasting performance wash after wash. The snaps open and close smoothly for quick on and off.

Matches All Collars & Pets

With a versatile design, these bells can be used with nylon, leather, chain, and other collar styles. Simply thread the bell’s ring onto your pet’s collar D-ring for an instant noisemaker.

Suitable for small and large dogs and cats, the bells fit all breeds and sizes. Lightweight and sized right, your pet can comfortably wear these bells for hours without annoyance or distraction.

Ideal for kittens and puppies, the bells help young pets develop coordination and spatial awareness. You’ll love hearing the sweet sounds of your growing furry friend moving through the home.

Keep Track of Your Pet’s Whereabouts

Never lose track of a napping or hiding pet again with these handy bells jingling on their collar. The pleasant sound allows you to monitor their location and movements throughout your home or yard and prevent accidental paw stomps or trips.

Take your furry hiking buddy exploring while following the sound of the bells. When your leashed pet is moving in heavy cover, woods, or hilly terrain, the bell makes it easy to pinpoint their location.

For working dogs, the bell provides constant audible information on your loyal helper’s movements and position as they range and explore. Keep your eye on the bird or your ear on your jingling retriever.

Give The Gift of Music

Surprise your favorite furred family member with the gift of pleasant sounds. These premium bells announce your pet’s presence with a lovely chime that keeps them calm and makes you smile.

Pets, owners, and home visitors appreciate knowing a pet’s location by following their jingle. Give your companions the gift of music that brings awareness, coordination, and harmony for all.

Order a set or two of these high quality bell collars for the pets in your life. The stainless steel bells will provide long-lasting durability and crisp, resonant sounds. Make your home a little more musical and keep happy pets safe with jingle bells on their collars.


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