Beirui Adorable Floral Puppy Collar and Leash Set – Cute Decorative Flower Dog Accessories for Your Furry Friend



Treat your furry best friend to the gift of style and comfort with the Beirui Adorable Floral Puppy Collar and Leash Set. This super cute set features a decorative fabric flower on an adjustable cotton collar and a matching 5ft leash, providing both fashion and function for your pup.

Adorable Floral Accents for Your Pup

The star of this collar and leash set is the adorable decorative flower. Available in bright, cheery colors like orange, pink, blue, and purple, these flowers add a pop of color and whimsical style to your pup’s look. The flower is fastened securely to the collar with an elastic strap so it stays in place but can also be removed easily for washing. Mix and match flowers for different holidays and seasons or get a few colors to match all of your pup’s outfits.

Soft, Comfortable Materials

While the floral flower may be the most eye-catching part of this set, the materials used make it comfortable and durable for daily use. The collar features a premium cotton fabric exterior that is soft on your pup’s skin while the inside has a thick high-density webbing that is flexible and won’t cause irritation. The leash matches with 5ft of cotton material and sturdy stitching.

Durable Hardware for Safety

The collar and leash both feature heavy-duty hardware to keep your pup secure. A welded D-ring, metal buckle, and metal clasp on the collar provide adjustability and reinforced connection points for the leash. The leash clips securely to the collar hardware with a sturdy metal clasp and loop. No more escaped pups or broken connections mid-walk!

Perfect Size for Small & Extra Small Dogs

While stylish enough to accessorize any pup, this collar and leash set is sized perfectly for small and extra small dogs. The size XS collar fits necks 8-13 inches with a width of 5/8 inch. It is ideal for breeds like Shih Tzus, Yorkies, Pugs, Toy Poodles, Chihuahuas, Chinese Crested, Mini Dachshunds, Papillons, Pomeranians, and more. The set can be used for puppies and grown dogs with adjustable sizing.

Matches Any Occasion

Dress your pup up for any occasion with this stylish floral collar and leash set. Its cute design works for everyday walks, visits to the dog park, or just hanging out around the house. But it can also help your pup get some extra attention and compliments when going to parties, weddings, holidays, birthdays, photo shoots, and more. Coordinating with your own outfit has never been easier.

Easy Care and Maintenance

To keep this collar and leash looking fresh, simple care is recommended. Both pieces can be hand washed in cold water and laid flat to dry. To really make the floral bloom, occasionally wash the set with a gentle laundry detergent. The cotton material and colorfast dyes allow the set to hold its vivid color and shape wear after wear. Periodically check the stitching and hardware for any wear to ensure safety.

Upgrade Your Pup’s Style

Step up your small pup’s style game with the Beirui Adorable Floral Puppy Collar and Leash Set. The bright floral flower paired with the cotton material and sturdy hardware provide a collar that is cute, comfortable, and secure for your furry friend. Choose a color to match your pup’s personality and get ready for all the compliments coming your way on your next walk together. This set also makes a wonderful gift for the pet lover in your life. Bring a smile to both pet and owner with this adorable accessory set.


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