BEAUTYZOO Traction Control Socks for Dogs



Keep Your Pup Steady and Safe with BEAUTYZOO Dog Socks Featuring Advanced Gripping Technology

Slips and tumbles are no match for your four-legged friend when they’re wearing BEAUTYZOO Traction Control Dog Socks! With anti-skid grippers on the bottom, these socks help prevent falls on slippery floors and provide peace of mind for pet parents.

Thoughtfully designed for comfort, warmth and safety, these socks allow your dog to play and zoom with confidence. Protect paws from summer heat or winter cold while also stopping scratches and licking of sore spots.

Advanced Gripping Technology

The secret of these socks is proprietary gripping material on the sole that prevents sliding and slips. Round rubber grippers provide traction even if the sock twists.

With professional-grade anti-skid performance, dogs can run and play carefree without wipeouts. High-quality grips outlast cheaper versions for long-term safety.

Keeps Paws Warm and Protected

In addition to stability, these socks also keep paws warm and cozy on cold floors. The soft, stretchy cotton-polyester blend surrounds feet in comfort.

Pavement and hot asphalt hold no fears in summer either! The socks act as a barrier against burns and abrasions from outdoor hazards.

Helps Older Dogs Feel Steady

For senior dogs or those with joint issues, slippery floors can worsen mobility challenges. But these socks provide extra stability for confidence.

With a steady grip, pups with limited movement or balance problems can get around safely and comfortably in their own home.

Prevents Licking and Scratching

These socks act as a physical barrier to stop obsessive licking of irritated areas. No more cones of shame necessary!

The fabric also prevents scratched floors and furniture from pawing, providing peace of mind to pet parents. Say goodbye to scratches and slobber.

Snug Fit Yet Comfortable

An adjustable hook-and-loop fastener ensures a custom, secure fit. The elastic ankle grip keeps socks from slipping off active paws.

Despite the tight fit, the breathable fabric still allows airflow. Pets stay cool while playing and moving. Stretchy material moves with feet.

Fun, Trendy Color Choices

With 10 solid colors and patterns ranging from tie-dye to polka dots, you can match your pup’s style or choose holiday-themed socks.

Basic black, pink and blue suit any pup while vibrant rainbow socks add flair. Find the perfect socks for your dog’s personality!

Durable Material Withstands Use

Even after countless rounds of playtime and trips to the washing machine, these dog socks retain their grip and comfort thanks to quality construction.

The rubber grips stay put and the blended fabric retains its soft stretchiness and shape. Get long-lasting value from each set of socks.

Give your dog stability, protection and confidence on any surface with BEAUTYZOO Traction Control Dog Socks featuring innovative anti-skid technology!


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