BEAUTYZOO Traction Control Socks for Dogs – 3 Pairs



Keep Your Pup Safe from Slips and Tumbles with BEAUTYZOO’s 3 Pairs of Gripping Dog Socks

Keep your pooch steady on their paws with BEAUTYZOO’s Traction Control Dog Socks featuring proprietary anti-skid technology. The rubber grippers on the soles provide serious grip to prevent slips, while the soft fabric protects paws.

Thoughtfully designed for safety, comfort and convenience, these traction socks are a must-have for dogs of all ages. The snug fit and cute patterns also stop licking of sore spots. Give your buddy a paw up!

Advanced Anti-Skid Technology

The key to preventing wipes outs is our exclusive anti-skid dot design that grips floors firmly. Even if the sock twists, the tread provides serious traction.

Dogs can zoom and play with total confidence thanks to the professional-grade gripping material that surpasses cheap versions. Safeguard your pet with proven tech.

Protects Paws from Heat and Cold

In addition to stability, these socks also protect paws from temperature extremes. The soft, breathable fabric keeps paws cozy in winter and cool in summer.

Hot pavement and icy sidewalks pose no problem for dogs wearing these socks. Give your buddy all-season comfort and peace of mind.

Provides Secure Fit Around Ankles

An adjustable hook-and-loop fastener and elastic ankle band ensure your dog’s socks stay snugly in place. No more slipping off during zoomies!

The closure allows for a customized fit while still being stretchy enough for your pup to move freely. Your dog will barely notice the socks are on.

Deters Licking and Scratching

These socks provide a physical barrier between your dog’s paws and their mouth or scratched objects. No more obsessive licking or ruined furnishings!

The fabric protects healing wounds from irritation and prevents further damage from compulsive scratching behaviors.

Fun, Fashionable Designs

While the gripping sole is all business, the upper sock has fun with colorful patterns and prints. Choose from fruit, hearts, polka dots and more.

Mix and match to suit your pup’s personality or go full-on fruit salad. Either way, the colors make coordinating socks and outfits easy.

Well-Constructed for Durability

Despite countless rounds of playtime and regular machine washing, these socks retain their form, function and gripping power thanks to quality materials.

The rubber tread stays firmly attached and the soft fabric maintains its shape and stretch to provide long-lasting value and safety.

Give your pup a safe foundation for play and adventure with BEAUTYZOO Traction Control Dog Socks – complete with 3 gripping pairs!


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