Bear Costume Ears & Sweater for Dogs & Cats



Transform Your Pet into an Adorable Teddy Bear with This Cuddly Costume Set for Dogs & Cats

Get your furry friend ready for Halloween fun with this too-cute bear costume set for dogs and cats! The included plush ears headpiece and soft brown sweater turn your pet into a snuggly stuffed animal. Watch them become the life of the party in this costume that’s equal parts silly and sweet.

Includes Ears Headpiece & Sweater

This complete costume set contains a furry brown bear ear headpiece and matching brown sweater so you have everything needed to outfit your pet in cuddly bear style.

The fuzzy fabric ears headband has rounded edges for a stuffed animal look. The cozy sweater is made of soft fleece to keep your pet comfy.

Design Celebrates Your Pet’s Unique Look

What better costume for your furry friend than a stuffed teddy bear? This ensemble transforms your pet’s own adorable fluffiness into a playful look.

The ears and sweater accentuate your dog or cat’s natural cuteness. Their sweet face peering out from the fluffy costume is sure to get lots of smiles and hugs!

Fun Costume for Halloween & More

Of course this bear costume makes an ideal outfit for Halloween parties, trick-or-treating and seasonal festivities. But creative pet parents can find ways to incorporate it into playtime all year round!

Use it for stuffed animal or teddy bear themed birthday parties, auctions, pet talent shows and any silly dress-up moments. Your pet will love being the center of attention.

Blend of Playful & Practical

We designed this costume to be both whimsical and practical so your pet can comfortably wear it and play while looking unbearably cute.

The sweater is made from soft, breathable fleece to allow airflow. The flexible ears won’t constrict head movement. Enjoy the fun without the fuss!

Easy On & Off for Hassle-Free Dressing

Simply stretch the flexible ears headpiece gently over your pet’s head and velcro or slip on the sweater for instant bear transformation.

When it’s time for the costume to come off, remove just as easily. No frustrating ties or tight fits make dressing a delight.

Sized for Toy Dogs to Large Breeds

Available in 3 sizes to suit tiny Chihuahuas to huge Mastiffs, this costume works for any lovable dog or cat.

Measure your pet and consult our handy size chart before ordering to ensure the perfect silly bear look. A cozy fit allows free movement.

Materials are Pet-Friendly

Made exclusively for animals, the soft fleece and faux fur won’t irritate your pet’s skin. No harsh dyes or chemicals are used either.

Pets can nibble or scratch without damaging the costume. The high-quality materials are built to last through dress up and play.

Make your fur baby the cutest bear in the forest with this smile-inducing costume set! Your pet will thank you for the extra cuddles and playtime.


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