BASKERVILLE Ultra Dog Muzzle – Your Dog’s Comfort and Safety Are Our Top Priority



As a dog owner, you know that your furry friend’s health and happiness are the most important things. That’s why we created the BASKERVILLE Ultra Dog Muzzle – to keep your dog comfortable while also preventing problem behaviors like biting, chewing, or snapping.

Our muzzle features an innovative open basket design that allows your dog to easily pant, drink water, and even receive treats and rewards through the muzzle openings. The rubber basket is soft and lightweight, avoiding that big bulky muzzle look that dogs hate. It molds right to your dog’s snout for a perfect custom fit every time.

The genius of the BASKERVILLE Ultra Muzzle is in the details:

Soft, Flexible Rubber Basket

The basket is made from thermal plastic rubber that we carefully heat and shape by hand for a personalized fit. This soft, flexible material is gentle on your dog while providing full protection against biting. The open basket allows unrestricted panting and drinking.

Extremely Tough & Durable

Even though the muzzle is soft and lightweight, it’s extremely sturdy. This high-quality rubber basket withstands biting and chewing. It protects your dog from snapping at people or other animals, and protects others from getting bitten.

Fully Adjustable Fit

Customizing the muzzle to your dog is easy with the fully adjustable neck and head straps. The straps feature pre-holed webbing so you can quickly find the perfect snug but comfortable fit. Neoprene padded lining cushions your dog’s face for additional comfort.

Safe & Secure

An escape-proof muzzle design keeps your dog protected. The ergonomic safety strapping uses your dog’s regular collar plus an optional overhead strap. With two sturdy attachment points, the muzzle stays securely in place no matter how much your pup moves around.

Allows Drinking, Panting & Treating

Even when wearing the muzzle, your dog can live life normally. The open basket design allows drinking water easily. Your dog stays cool by freely panting through the basket. You can even reward and treat your pup by slipping snacks into the muzzle openings.

Ideal Uses for Our Muzzle

The BASKERVILLE Ultra Muzzle provides a humane way to handle problem behaviors like:

  • Chewing/biting furniture, shoes, etc.
  • Snapping at strangers or family
  • Aggression towards other dogs
  • Nipping during grooming/vet visits
  • Anxiety when crated or traveling

Our muzzle lets your dog participate in normal activities without the risk of biting. Go for walks, car trips, play dates at the dog park and more while keeping everyone safe.

Customer Reviews

See why dog owners love our BASKERVILLE Ultra Muzzle:

“This muzzle is perfect for introducing my rescue dog to new people and dogs. He can pant and drink normally but can’t bite. It’s lightweight and seems comfortable for him to wear.” – Amanda R.

“Such high quality! Custom molded fit for my Rottweiler and she doesn’t try taking it off. Allows treats and water unlike cheaper brands.” – Brian T.

“My dog HATED her old muzzle and would try to rub it off. This BASKERVILLE muzzle is so much more comfortable. She lets me put it on without a fuss.” – Stephanie P.

Order With Confidence Today

The BASKERVILLE Ultra Dog Muzzle prioritizes your dog’s safety, comfort, and happiness. Our innovative design keeps your pup protected without restricting panting, drinking, or treats. The fully adjustable straps ensure a secure, custom fit.

Don’t settle for cheap, uncomfortable muzzles that your dog will just try to rub off. Our high-quality rubber basket muzzle withstands your strong chewer while remaining gentle on sensitive snouts. We stand behind our product with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Order the BASKERVILLE Ultra Muzzle today and take your dog places safely again. It’s ideal for training, vet visits, grooming, and dog introductions. Invest in your good boy or girl’s comfort and happiness right now!


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