BarkBox Hooded Rhino Bathrobe for Small Dogs



Give Your Little Pup Ferocious Style with BarkBox’s Adorable Hooded Rhino Bathrobe for Small Dogs

Bath time is more fun than ever with this rugged rhino bathrobe made just for small dogs! The absorbent microfiber and fuzzy hood keep your tiny buddy cozy and dry after washing.

This cute robe transforms bathing from a chore into playtime for you and your petite pooch. The exclusive BarkBox design adds personality while the tailored fit gives a comfy, custom feel.

Sized for Small & Tiny Dog Breeds

Finding robes sized for small dogs isn’t easy. That’s why our rhino robe is tailored to fit petite pups up to 30 pounds perfectly.

The small size measures 20” x 18” to comfortably fit tiny breeds like Chihuahuas, Dachshunds, Pomeranians, French Bulldogs and more. Adjustable closures ensure the perfect custom fit.

Now even extra small dogs can lounge in a plush hooded robe after baths!

Ultra-Absorbent for Fast Drying

BarkBox’s rhino robe is made from ultra-absorbent microfiber that whisks moisture away from your pup’s coat and skin. No more sopping wet dog smell lingering for hours post-bath!

The moisture-wicking material gets even tiny dogs with thick fur dry quickly. Say goodbye to wet dog shakes all over your furniture.

Cozy Hood Keeps Your Pup Warm

The soft microfiber hood keeps your little buddy warm and comfy while their fur dries after a bath. No more post-wash shivers!

The rest of the plush robe surrounds your pup in softness too. They’ll love snuggling up in their new outfit.

Playful Rhino Design Adds Personality

With an adorable rhino hood, your dog can look fierce while staying toasty and dry!

The fuzzy horn and ears add personality, transforming bath time into playtime. Your pup will look too cute padding around in their new robe.

Makes Baths Fun for You Both

Washing tiny pups can be tedious. But this rhino robe makes bath time entertaining for both of you!

Your dog will love playing dress-up in their new outfit. The robes bring smiles to bathing for every member of the family.

Adjustable for Perfect Custom Fit

An adjustable waistband and Velcro closures allow you to tailor the rhino robe’s fit just for your dog. No more slipping, sliding or uncomfortable tugging.

The robe stays securely in place on your puppy for safety and comfort. Fits petite builds of all shapes and sizes.

Quick & Easy Machine Washing

Like all bathrobes, this rhino robe needs washing now and then. But cleaning it is a cinch – just toss in the machine and tumble dry on low.

The durable microfiber stands up well to repeated laundering. No special care or hand-washing needed!

Made Just for Dogs

Cheap human robes don’t fit right on dogs and can be hazardous if chewed. This robe is designed exclusively for canines.

The size, material, construction and details are tailored specifically for your pup. Plus, it’s tested to be safe if nibbled or licked.

Save Your Home from Wet Dog Mess

Tired of wet dog smell lingering for hours after baths? Or cleaning up drips, shakes and splashes?

The Rhino Bathrobe contains moisture so you can avoid that dreaded “wet dog shake” over your carpet and furniture.

Bring Joy Back to Bath Time

Bathing little dogs can be tiring and tedious. But this playful rhino robe makes the chore fun again for both of you!

Your tiny buddy will look absolutely adorable playing dress-up after baths. And you’ll love keeping your home clean and dry.

Get the exclusive BarkBox Rhino Bathrobe to give your petite pooch ferocious post-bath style!


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