BARKBAY No Pull Pet Harness for Dogs – Pink, Breathable and Padded Walking Harness with Front Leash Clip for Added Control



The Everyday Walking Harness That Makes Walks a Breeze

Walking your dog should be an enjoyable experience for both of you. But if your pup tends to pull during walks, it can quickly become a struggle.

That’s where the BARKBAY no pull dog harness comes in. This brilliantly designed harness gives you control over pullers so you can both enjoy your daily strolls again.

Constructed with lightweight, rip-resistant nylon, this harness evenly distributes pressure across your dog’s chest and shoulders to prevent chafing. The soft, padded vest contours to your dog’s body for a comfortable, personalized fit.

Key Features:

  • Dual leash attachment rings – Front clip for added control over pullers, back clip for more relaxed walking
  • 4 points of adjustment at the neck, chest, and girth for a customized fit
  • Soft, padded vest lined with faux sheepskin for chafe-free comfort
  • Quick on/off design slips right over the head, no hassle
  • Reflective strips for visibility and security at night
  • Sturdy handle on back for maintaining control

Walk Your Way

The BARKBAY harness gives you options with two leash clips so you can walk your way.

Clip your leash to the front ring when you need more control over pulling during training sessions. The front attachment gently steers your dog back to your side so they learn not to tug.

Connect the leash to the back O-ring for casual walks when you want your dog to explore and sniff. The back clip allows them more freedom to wander while keeping them safely by your side.

Wherever you attach the leash, the padded vest keeps them comfy and chafe-free!

Seeing Is Believing

Your energetic explorer will be visible even on nighttime adventures with reflective accents on the BARKBAY harness. The bright strips shine when headlights hit them, keeping your pup safer during low-light conditions.

The sturdy handle on the back also helps you maintain control, so you can easily steer them out of harm’s way. No more chasing down wandering wanderers!

Find Their Perfect Fit

Built with adjustable straps at the neck, chest, and girth, the BARKBAY harness grows with your growing pup!

Easily customize the fit for a snug yet comfy restraint. The breathable vest feels like a gentle hug across their chest and under their arms.

Suit up your tiny terrier or large lab in their ideal size:

  • Small: Neck 12″-16″ / Chest 14″-20″
  • Medium: Neck 16″-22″ / Chest 18″-26″
  • Large: Neck 22″-32″ / Chest 26″-40″

With the quick slip-on design, stepping into this harness takes seconds. Just slip it over their head and adjust the straps for walking comfort.

Your dog will actually look forward to gearing up for adventures and strolls around the neighborhood in this easy-wearing vest.

Enjoy Hassle-Free Walks

Don’t dread taking your puller out for walks. The BARKBAY No Pull Dog Harness gives you total control so you can both enjoy your time together outdoors.

The strategically designed vest steering your dog back to your side actually helps train them not to pull over time. And the padded material keeps them cozy while preventing chafing.

With hassle-free on/off access, reflective accents, and dual leash clips, this harness simplifies walks so you can relax. Let your energetic buddy wander, sniff, and explore without the tug of war.

Order the BARKBAY No Pull Harness today and take the pressure out of walking your precious pup!


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