BaoCheng Dog Harness – The Perfect No Pull Solution for Your Precious Pup



Is your furry friend constantly pulling on the leash, choking themselves in the process? Do walks feel more like tug-of-war matches that leave you both frustrated? Well, pull no more! Introducing the BaoCheng Dog Harness – the perfect no pull solution to make walks enjoyable again.

This adjustable dog harness is specially designed to stop your dog from pulling without causing them discomfort. It distributes pressure across their chest and back, preventing choking, coughing, and gagging from constant leash pressure on their neck. The no pull design immediately puts an end to leash pulling, making walks less stressful for both of you.

Fits Snugly and Comfortably with 4 Adjustment Points

Finding a properly fitted harness can be tricky, especially with wiggly pups that come in all shapes and sizes! But the BaoCheng Dog Harness has your back with 4 separate adjustment points around the neck and chest area.

You can easily customize the fit for small, medium or large breed dogs by tweaking the adjustments. The neck strap extends 15” to 21”, while the chest strap ranges from 17” to 33”. With a snug and comfortable fit, your dog can’t easily slip out or wiggle their way to freedom.

Say Goodbye to the Headache of Slipping On Overhead Harnesses

Overhead harnesses can be a huge hassle – trying to guide your dog’s head through the correct hole as they wiggle and resist. But this hassle-free harness simplifies the process with a handy neck buckle and two chest buckles.

Just undo the buckles on one side, wrap it around your dog’s torso, and clip the buckles closed again. No more struggling to get it over their head! The quick release buckles also make it a breeze to take the harness off.

Locking Neck Buckle Adds Extra Safety

You can never be too safe when out on walks, so the BaoCheng harness takes precautions. The neck buckle securely locks to prevent it from unintentionally unbuckling. Simply press the red part to “unlock” when you need to remove the harness. No more worrying about your pup slipping out!

An extra layer of protection comes from threading the leash through the metal D-ring on the chest instead of the neck. This immediately stops your strong puller in their tracks without any choking or gagging. Escape artists won’t get too far either!

Night Safety from Reflective Accents

Late night dog walks or early morning potty breaks often mean braving the darkness. But the BaoCheng harness ensures you and your pup stay visible and safe with highly reflective material on the straps.

Oncoming cars and cyclists can see you from a distance, avoiding any potentially scary accidents or mishaps in low light. No need to cut walks short just because the sun went down!

Padded Chest Plate Prevents Chafing

Dogs that pull hard against their leash often end up with irritated skin or rashes from the friction. But the BaoCheng harness provides extra padding on the chest plate right where the harness rests against their body.

This cushioned buffer protects their skin from chafing even during long walks or periods of pulling on the leash. Your dog stays comfortable while also staying safe and controlled.

Cute Design Matches Your Dog’s Personality

Why settle for a boring black or grey harness? The BaoCheng harness comes in a variety of bright and stylish colors like pink, blue, green and more. Match your pup’s unique personality by opting for their favorite color.

The colorful harness becomes a true fashion statement on walks. Neighbors will stop to compliment how good they look! Choose between classic colors or eye-catching neons.

In-Car Attachment Keeps Your Dog Safe

Car rides can be stressful with dogs moving around unsecured in the backseat. Attach the harness handle to their seat belt to restrict roaming that could lead to driver distraction.

The sturdy handle on the back of the harness clips directly to a seat belt for safe transport. No more concerns about your dog climbing into the front seat or distracting you!

Leash Clip Options for Better Control

This harness comes with two metal leash rings – one located on the chest, the other across the back. The front clip is ideal for deterring pullers, as it steers them back towards you the moment they start to pull.

For casual walks, attach to the back ring for greater flexibility and freedom of movement. Having options allows you to customize control based on your dog’s behavior and energy level that day.

Available in 5 Sizes to Fit Any Dog Breed

No dog is left out with the BaoCheng harness! It comes in 5 sizes to comfortably fit any breed:

XS: Neck 12” – 16” / Chest 14” – 22”
Small: Neck 14” – 18” / Chest 16” – 25”
Medium: Neck 15” – 21” / Chest 17” – 33”
Large: Neck 18” – 28” / Chest 20” – 47”
XL: Neck 23” – 35” / Chest 28” – 58”
Mini, small, medium, large, and giant – this harness can handle them all! Measure your dog’s neck and chest to determine the ideal size.

Our Promise to You AND Your Dog

Your dog’s comfort and safety is our top concern. We proudly stand behind the quality and design of our no pull dog harness with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you’re not completely happy with the fit, feel or function of this harness, simply send it back within 30 days of purchase for a full refund or replacement.

We also provide friendly customer service if any questions or issues come up along the way. As fellow dog lovers, we want what’s best for your pup! Give the BaoCheng No Pull Dog Harness a try today – your dog will thank you.


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