Banana Boat Dog Paw Balm – 3-in-1 Moisturizer, Sun Protector & Skin Soother for Your Pup’s Paws, Elbows & Nose



Keep Your Pup’s Paws, Elbows & Nose Moisturized, Protected and Soothed with Banana Boat’s 3-in-1 Dog Paw Balm

As a dog owner, you know how important it is to keep your furry friend comfortable and protected year-round. Dry, cracked paw pads, dry elbows and a chapped nose can cause major discomfort for your pooch. That’s why we created Banana Boat’s Dog Paw Balm – an all-in-one moisturizer, sun protector and skin soother specifically formulated for your pup’s sensitive paws, elbows and nose.

Moisturizes Dry, Cracked Paws & Elbows

Made with natural ingredients like coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter and vitamin E, our Dog Paw Balm provides soothing relief for dry, cracked paw pads and elbows. The thick, creamy balm moisturizes your dog’s paws and elbows on contact, softening rough spots and healing cracked skin. Just apply a small amount to your dog’s paws and elbows whenever they need some extra moisture and care.

Protects Against Harmful UV Rays

In addition to moisturizing dry skin, Banana Boat’s Dog Paw Balm also provides protection from the sun’s harsh UV rays. Exposure to UV radiation can lead to sunburn, discomfort and skin damage on your pup’s sensitive paw pads and nose. Our balm creates a barrier between your dog’s skin and the sun, preventing sunburn before it starts. It’s the perfect sun protector for walks, hikes, trips to the beach or park and any other outdoor adventures.

Soothes Chapped, Irritated Skin

Hot pavement, cold weather, and other environmental factors can cause chapping, irritation and discomfort on your dog’s paws, elbows and nose. Banana Boat’s Dog Paw Balm provides immediate soothing relief, calming chapped and inflamed skin on contact. Natural oils moisturize while antioxidants reduce inflammation and discomfort. Your pup will thank you for this sweet relief!

Safe Formula Won’t Harm Dogs If Licked

We know dogs can’t help licking their paws and nose! That’s why our Dog Paw Balm is specifically formulated to be safe if ingested. It contains only natural ingredients that won’t cause stomach upset if your pup licks his paws or nose after application. Coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter and vitamin E provide safe soothing moisture – without any harsh chemicals.

For Use On All Dog Breeds & Puppy Paws

Banana Boat’s Dog Paw Balm is gentle enough for puppies and all breeds. Made with only premium natural ingredients, it can be used on puppy paws as well as the paws of small, medium and large dog breeds. The non-toxic formula is also safe for dogs with allergies or sensitive skin. Plus, it has a light tropical scent dogs love!

Provides Relief All Year Round

Dry, cracked paws and skin can happen year-round – not just during summer. Our rich Dog Paw Balm keeps paws, elbows and noses moisturized and protected during summer heat, winter cold and everything in between. It soothes and prevents chapped skin caused by hot pavement, salt, snow, ice and other environmental factors. Your dog will appreciate the relief in every season!

Easy No-Mess Application

Applying Banana Boat’s Dog Paw Balm takes just a few seconds. Simply scoop a small amount of balm out of the container using your finger or a cotton swab. Rub the balm gently into your dog’s dry paws, elbows and nose until fully absorbed. The balm goes on smoothly and absorbs quickly without being greasy. Plus, the twist-up container makes application mess-free!

Convenient 3-in-1 Formula

No need to buy separate balms – Banana Boat’s 3-in-1 Dog Paw Balm is your all-in-one solution! In one convenient formula, it acts as a moisturizer, sun protector and skin soothing balm for paws, elbows and nose. The versatile balm saves you money while providing complete care and protection. Keep it handy at home or toss it in your dog walk bag or beach tote.

Provides Relief Your Pup Will Love

Dry, cracked, chapped skin causes major discomfort for dogs. But your pup will love the soothing relief and instant comfort provided by Banana Boat’s Dog Paw Balm. Made from premium ingredients, this top-rated balm gives rapid relief to dry, irritated skin. Your dog will thank you for keeping their paws, elbows and nose soft, smooth and protected year-round with this 3-in-1 miracle balm!


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