BAEJMJK Pretty Dog Harness and Leash Set with Bow Knot – Escape Proof Cute Floral Mesh Vest for Your Fashionable Furry Friend



Give your pooch a fashionable floral makeover with the BAEJMJK dog harness and leash set! This stylish harness features a large bowknot and daisy print that will transform your pup into a gorgeous girly pet. Whether you have a tiny teacup breed or a sassy small dog, this harness brings feminine flair to daily walks.

An Elegant and Durable Design

At first glance, you’ll notice the beautiful daisy pattern that covers this small dog harness. The bright pinks and greens make a statement while the large centered bowknot adds a touch of charm. Despite the delicate appearance, this flower dog harness is made of soft yet sturdy mesh fabric.

The breathable material prevents overheating while remaining gentle against your dog’s skin. Mesh construction also allows for a customized fit that contours the body without restrictive squeezing. For even more comfort, the straps feature padding along the chest and belly.

Dual fasteners give you complete control over adjusting the vest. Simply secure the side straps with hook and loop closures for a snug but flexible feel. Plus, the sturdy D-ring leash attachment won’t bend or break under pressure.

Safety Features to Prevent Escape Artists

Some small breed dogs become Houdini reincarnated once strapped into a harness. Escape attempts not only create a chaotic scene, but can also put your pup in danger outdoors. That’s why the BAEJMJK harness focuses on preventing breakouts.

The hook and loop chest straps act as the first barrier for little escape artists. For added safety, the leash attaches via heavy duty D-ring that stays anchored even when pulled. Your dog stays secure while the floral pattern keeps them looking pretty.

You’ll also appreciate the matching 4 ft leash included with your purchase. The sturdy nylon lead features a complementary daisy pattern and spring clip for attaching to the harness D-ring. No more worrying about your pup slipping away on walks when you have a secure harness and leash set!

Size Recommendations

To ensure the proper fit, be sure to accurately measure your dog before choosing a size. Refer to the following measurements when selecting from extra small, small, medium and large:

Extra Small: Chest 11″-14″, Neck 7.5″-11″ – fits teacup and tiny toy breeds up to 6 lbs

Small: Chest 14″-18″, Neck 11″-14.5″ – fits small toy breeds up to 11 lbs

Medium: Chest 18″-22″, Neck 14.5″-18″ – fits large toy to small medium breeds 12-25 lbs

Large: Chest 22″-28″, Neck 18″-21″ – fits medium breeds 26-40 lbs

The harness should fit snugly without restricting movement. Allow room for growth if your dog is still a growing puppy. When in doubt, size up to prevent escape.

For proper fitting, have your dog stand in a natural position. Wrap the chest strap around the widest part of the chest behind the front legs. The belly strap should touch behind the ribcage. Adjust the straps as needed to create a secure yet comfortable fit.

Affordable Style for Your Small Dog

While some boutique pet brands charge premium prices, the BAEJMJK dog harness offers adorable style on a budget. Considering the floral design and included leash, this set provides outstanding value. Plus, it makes the perfect gift for dog-loving friends or family!

Give your tiny pooch an elegant new look with this escape-proof harness. The charming daisy print and large decorative bow turns your dog into a beautiful blossom. With custom comfort from soft mesh and padding, your pup will happily prance around the neighborhood. Click “Add to Cart” now to get this precious harness and leash set!


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