BAAPET Dog Leashes for Walking and Training – Reflective, 2 Packs 5/6 FT with Padded Handle and Bonus Poop Bags



Keep your pup safe and secure on walks with the BAAPET 2 Pack Dog Leashes. These sturdy and reflective leashes provide comfort for both you and your dog during daily strolls and training sessions.
Quality Materials for Strength and Visibility

Constructed from 1/2 inch diameter climbing rope, these leashes offer unbeatable strength to securely hold even large dogs up to 110 lbs. The rope won’t rip or fray from regular use and the metal clasps securely fasten to any collar or harness.

High visibility reflective threads are woven throughout the length of each leash, making night walks safer by increasing your visibility to vehicles. The bright colors also add style and personality to suit your pup!
Padded Handles Provide a Comfortable Grip

The rope handle is wrapped in soft foam padding to prevent rope burns and hand fatigue. The ergonomic grip makes extended walks comfortable andshock absorbing if your dog lunges or pulls. No more sore hands from holding a thin nylon leash!

The padded section extends 9 inches down the leash, so you can easily adjust between one and two handed holding. It also slides along the rope to your ideal handle position.
Ideal 5 and 6 Foot Lengths for Control

The included lengths of 5 feet and 6 feet give you flexibility for any situation. Keep your dog close by your side with the shorter leash for crowded urban areas, then use the longer length for more freedom on hiking trails.

Train your pup not to pull or zig-zag during heel walking with the 5 foot leash. The 6 foot is great for casual strolls or gentle guidance during obedience sessions. Both provide just the right amount of control while letting your dog explore the environment.
Convenient Features for Daily Walks

Take care of all your walking essentials with the handy accessories included with each BAAPET leash:

Silicone Collapsible Bowl – Roll it flat to stash in your pocket, then pop it open for water breaks anywhere. BPA free material is safe if your pup takes a bite.
Waste Bag Dispenser with Bags – Always have a supply of bags ready to clean up after your dog. The dispenser attaches directly to the leash for easy access.
Carabiner Clip – Quickly attach waste bags, water bottle, or keys to the leash so your hands stay free. The aluminum clip securely snaps onto the rope.
Bonus Pouch with Treats – Reward good leash manners and reinforcement training with the included pouch of training treats.

With reflective threading, padded handles, and handy accessories, the BAAPET 2 Pack Dog Leashes will make walks much more pleasant for both you and your canine companion. Order a set today to train and explore in comfort and safety!


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