Avando LED Dog Collar Lights – Keep Your Furry Friend Safe and Seen at Night! (3 Pack)



Does your dog get lost in the dark when you take them out for late night walks or bathroom breaks? Do you worry about not being able to see them if they wander off into the bushes? As pet owners, it’s our responsibility to keep our furry friends safe, especially when visibility is low. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the Avando LED Dog Collar Lights, the perfect way to make sure your pup is seen even on the darkest nights!

High Visibility LED Lights for Added Safety

The Avando collar lights feature bright LEDs in 5 vibrant colors – red, blue, green, pink and orange. The glowing lights are designed to make your dog highly visible up to 100 meters away, reducing the chances of accidental run ins or your pup getting lost. No more worrying about cars not seeing your dog when you cross the street at night. The 3 adjustable collar lights can be positioned for maximum visibility from all angles.

Long Lasting CR2032 Batteries Included

Each LED dog collar light comes with a CR2032 button cell battery already installed, so they’re ready to use right out of the package. No need to hunt down specialty coin batteries. The batteries are built to last for extended periods, giving you hours upon hours of illumination between changes. Just press the footprint button to turn the lights on and cycle through the modes.

3 Useful Lighting Modes

The Avando LED lights aren’t just simple on/off lights. They have 3 useful lighting modes that allow you to signal your pet’s location and activity. Choose from fast flashing, slow flashing, or steady on modes. Use the flashing modes when you want to quickly spot your dog’s location from a distance. Switch to steady light mode for visibility when walking together.

Ultra Durable Silicone Material

The collar lights are constructed from flexible silicone that is both durable and comfortable for your dog to wear. The soft silicone has just the right amount of stretch so you can attach the lights to nearly any collar, even adjusting for growth. The material is waterproof so a little rain or snow won’t affect the lights. Give them a rinse if they get dirty.

Universal Fit for All Breeds of Dogs

Big or small, long or short haired, these LED lights are designed to provide visibility for dogs of all breeds and sizes. The adjustable silicone straps have small hooks that securely attach to D-rings, O-rings, or other hanging loops on standard dog collars. Fit them on harnesses too. No need to buy special collars, as these lights act as accessories.

Multipurpose Lights Beyond Dog Collars

While these lights were designed for dog collars, customers have found a number of clever alternative uses as well! The versatility of these collar lights allow them to provide illumination and increase visibility in many everyday situations:

  • Bike lights – Clip them onto handlebars, frames or helmets.
  • Night jogging/running visibility
  • Camping – Hang in tents or mark guy lines
  • Emergency car breakdowns – Signal or wave for help
  • Power outages – Mark stairs, hallways and obstacles
  • Keychains – Find keys and locks in the dark

The options are endless when it comes to finding handy everyday uses for these versatile LED lights!

Choose Exactly the Colors You Want

No need to settle for a random assortment of lights. This set comes with 3 collar lights in each of the 5 bold LED colors – red, blue, green, pink and orange. Mix and match to find your dog’s perfect color combo. Want all blue or pink? You got it! Prefer red, green and orange? It’s your choice! With 15 lights in total, you’ll have extras on hand or can share with friends.

One Year Manufacturer’s Guarantee

We stand behind the quality of these collar lights. Your purchase is backed by a 1 year full replacement manufacturer’s warranty. If you have any issues with the lights not illuminating or battery life shorter than expected, we will provide a free replacement set – no questions asked!

Don’t lose track of your favorite furry friend on your next late night walk. The Avando LED Dog Collar Lights provide bright 360° illumination to keep your pet noticeable and safe after dark. Order a set today so you and your dog can enjoy many more adventures together!


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