Augegel Cat Grooming Muzzle – Bubble Helmet Mask with Boots for Nail Trimming & Bathing



Is your cat terrorizing you and the groomer with biting and scratching during bath time or nail trims? As a loving cat owner, you want what’s best for your fur baby, but struggling with them causing injury can be stressful and dangerous. That’s why we created the Augegel Cat Grooming Muzzle and Booties – the ultimate solution for safe and peaceful grooming sessions.

This ingenious product is like a bubble helmet for cats, with ample airflow and a completely transparent view. Now Kitty can see and breathe freely while you trim nails and scrub down with ease. No more painful scratches or emergency vet visits! The mask is crafted from odorless, BPA-free plastic that’s gentle on sensitive whiskers. An adjustable velcro strap ensures a custom, comfy fit.

But we didn’t stop there – the Augegel also includes four anti-slip silicone booties to protect both you and Kitty during pedicures. These booties have rubber grips on the bottom to prevent sliding as well as teeth grips inside to keep them securely on. Now you can finally clip those sharp claws safely.

Say goodbye to the stress of grooming a fussy, frightened feline. With the Augegel Cat Muzzle and Booties, bath time and nail trims can be relaxing for both of you! Just read our rave reviews:

“This muzzle is a lifesaver! My cat hates baths and usually scratches me all up. Now bath time is safe and scratch-free.” – Sarah D.

“I can finally trim my cat’s razor claws without getting shredded. The mask keeps him calm and the booties give me full access. Love it!” – Mark K.

“My groomer is thrilled that I bought this set. No more bloody arms and legs after clipping our cat’s nails.” – Jessica P.

Why Choose the Augegel Cat Grooming Set:

Safely restrain biting/scratching during grooming
Bubble helmet design allows cat to see and breathe
BPA-free plastic mask with adjustable velcro strap
4 anti-slip silicone booties with interior teeth grips
Prevents injuries to both pet parent and cat
Calms anxious cats during baths, nail trims, vet visits
Odorless, non-toxic materials are gentle on skin
Hundreds of 5 star reviews by happy cat owners
We know your feline means the world to you. Don’t jeopardize your bond with traumatic grooming experiences. Our top-rated cat muzzle and booties set transforms nail trims and bathing into relaxing, rewarding bonding time. Order the Augegel today and look forward to scratch and bite-free grooming sessions ahead!


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