ASENKU Reversible Dog Winter Coat – Double the Style, Double the Warmth!



Blast away winter chills with the amazing 2-in-1 ASENKU Reversible Dog Winter Coat! This innovative jacket reverses from cozy fleece to stylish plaid for versatile warmth all season. Waterproof and windproof protection blocks elements so your dog stays toasty and dry.

The adjustable fit ensures your pup moves freely and comfortably on daily walks and outdoor play. With two fun looks in one convenient coat, cold weather adventures await!

Toasty Polyester Fiber Filling

Inside the durable outer shell lies a quilted interior filled with insulating polyester fiber fill. This lofty filling traps body heat to maintain a toasty microclimate around your dog.

No more shivering on blustery winter days! The water-resistant shell prevents melted snow or rain from compromising the warming insulation. Outdoor temps may drop, but your dog stays nice and cozy.

The lightweight fill avoids bulky heaviness while providing essential warmth. Your dog stays energized to play and explore instead of being weighed down.

Wind and Water Resistant

Don’t let blustery wind, snow, or rain prevent your dog from enjoying the outdoors! The ASENKU Dog Winter Coat provides protection from winter’s worst.

The polyester shell features a durable water repellent (DWR) finish that causes moisture to roll right off. Snow, sleet, and light rain simply bead up and run off the coat.

The thick fabric also blocks chilling winds that can penetrate to the skin. Your pup stays comfortably warm instead of shivering from winter’s bite.

Adjustable Fit for Security and Comfort

An adjustable belly strap and neck closure ensures your dog’s coat fits perfectly. Customize it to adapt to your dog’s unique body shape and size for security and comfort.

The hook-and-loop closures prevent the coat from slipping, sliding, or coming undone. Your pup can freely roam and play without losing coverage.

The pliable fabric also allows full freedom of movement. Your dog can run, jump, and play without restriction from bulky coats.


Who doesn’t love options? The reversible design offers two stylish looks to suit any winter outing.

One side features warm tan fleece to pair with your pup’s fur. The other side boasts a buffalo plaid print in inviting earth tones.

Match your dog to your own winter style or seasonal decor. The hand warmer pocket is accessible on both sides for carrying treats and bags.

Fun For All Dog Breeds and Activities

The ASENKU Dog Winter Coat keeps pups of all breeds warm including Retrievers, Shepherds, Bulldogs, Terriers, and more!

Use it for:

Daily neighborhood walks
Playing at the snowy dog park
Camping and hiking trips
Sledding and winter playtime
Protecting short-haired dogs from the cold
Let your dog feel the joy of winter with cozy protection from ASENKU!


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