Aphrordity Dog Tag Silencers – The Ultimate Solution for Noisy Dog Tags



Is your dog’s ID tag jingling driving you crazy? Do you need a simple and effective way to silence those noisy dog tags? Look no further than the Aphrordity Dog Tag Silencers!

Silence is Golden

The Aphrordity Dog Tag Silencers are made of premium silicone that wraps around the edges of dog tags, preventing them from clanking together and creating unwanted noise. Just slip the silicone covers over each tag and voila – no more jingle jangle. The soft silicone cushions the tags, absorbing sound and vibration.

Flexible Fit

The Aphrordity silencers are designed to stretch and conform to fit standard 1” military style dog tags. The dimensions of 2.04” x 1.22” ensure a snug fit around most dog tag shapes and sizes. The flexible silicone material allows the silencers to stretch and compress as needed for a custom, noise-reducing seal around your pup’s tags.

Durable Protection

Not only do the Aphrordity Dog Tag Silencers reduce noise, they also protect your dog’s neck from irritation and scratching. The smooth silicone covers shield your pup’s skin from sharp tag edges that can scrape and chafe. The silencers also help keep tags securely in place without twisting, turning or pinching.

Quick and Easy to Use

Applying the Aphrordity silencers is a breeze – simply stretch the silicone covers over each end of your dog’s ID tags. The material is flexible and elastic to allow easy on and off capability. No special tools or hardware required! The result is peaceful, quiet tags that won’t disturb you, your family or your neighbors.

Mix and Match For Multiple Uses

The Aphrordity Dog Tag Silencer pack includes 10 individual silicone covers so you can customize configurations based on your needs. Use one on each end of a single tag, or cover multiple tags at once. Extras make them perfect for travel or throwing a few in your purse or pocket for on-the-go silence.

High Quality Materials

Constructed from 100% flexible medical grade silicone, the Aphrordity silencers are built to last. Silicone is durable, odor resistant and easy to clean. It won’t absorb dirt or bacteria and can be sterilized as needed for long term use. The military-style black color also helps conceal wear over time.

Compact and Convenient

The Aphrordity Dog Tag Silencers take up hardly any space, so are easy to pack on dog adventures. Their small size makes them convenient to store at home, in your car, or take them on the go for instant sound suppression wherever noisy dog tags become an issue.

One Simple Solution

No more need for make-shift fixes like tape or tubing to try and quiet jangling dog tags. The Aphrordity Dog Tag Silencers provide a purpose-made, effective remedy to eliminate noise simply and quickly. Just slip them on and enjoy the peace and quiet – it’s that easy!

Keep Your Info Secure

Muffling noisy tags doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your dog’s ID information. The Aphrordity silencers can be placed over tags to reduce sound while still keeping vital contact details available in case your pup gets lost. Avoid potential discomfort but keep your companion protected.

Affordable Multi-Pack

With 10 covers per pack, the Aphrordity Dog Tag Silencers provide an affordable way to silence multiple tags at once. The quantity is ideal for multi-dog homes, stashing spares in different locations, or sharing with friends. At this price, you can equip all your pup’s tags and still have silencers to spare.

Give your ears and your dog relief from annoying, clanging dog tags with the Aphrordity Dog Tag Silencers. Their smart silicone design muffles noise, protects necks, and secures tags – the simple, handy way to maintain the peace without sacrificing safety. Order a pack today and say goodbye to the racket!


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