Andromeda Adjustable Hands-Free Dog Walking Leash – Your New Favorite Dog Walking Companion



Going for walks with your furry friend is one of life’s great joys. But traditional leashes can really put a strain on your wrist and arm, making those strolls less enjoyable. That’s why the Andromeda Adjustable Hands-Free Dog Walking Leash is your new go-to for dog walks. This versatile leash allows you to go completely hands-free so you can fully relax and bond with your pooch on your adventures together.

With an adjustable length from 3 feet 3/4 inches all the way up to 7 feet 10 inches, you get complete control over how much freedom and exploration you want to allow your dog during your walks. And weighing in at just 6.7 ounces, this leash adds barely any extra weight to your walk. The lightweight rope design helps prevent wrist, hand and arm fatigue so you can go on longer walks without discomfort.

Three Clever Ways to Wear This Hands-Free Leash

What makes the Andromeda leash so versatile is that it can be worn in three clever ways:

Crossbody Style: Wear the leash diagonally across your chest and back with the included padded neoprene strap for a completely hands-free walking experience. This style helps keep your dog close by your side and is great foradded control.

Around the Waist: Clip the leash around your waist if you want to give your dog a bit more freedom to explore and move around you. Keeping the leash at your center of gravity also gives you more strength and control if your dog tries to pull.

Extended Long Leash Mode: Extend the rope to your desired length between 3 and 7 feet and hold it in your hand just like a classic leash. This gives your dog more freedom to roam and sniff on walks while keeping them safe.

Hands-Free Convenience for Better Walks

Having your hands completely free while walking your dog offers a lot of benefits:

Increased bonding time with your dog without the distraction of holding a leash
Ability to use your phone, drink water, hold treats/bags easily
Avoid wrist strain and arm fatigue from holding a regular leash
Greater control over excitable dogs who tend to pull on walks
Freedom to walk at your own relaxed pace without being pulled
Dog-Friendly Design

Every detail of the Andromeda leash is designed with your dog’s comfort in mind too:

Soft, lightweight climbing rope doesn’t pull excessively on your dog’s neck
Smooth rope material won’t snag your dog’s fur like fabric leashes
Adjustable length prevents excessive pulling or jerking
Padded neoprene chest strap for no-pull comfort in crossbody mode
Sturdy metal leash clip rated for dogs up to 110 lbs
Safety First

While allowing you and your dog more freedom, the Andromeda leash doesn’t compromise on safety:

Reflective rope and neoprene strap provide visibility at night
Adjustable length gives you control over how much your dog can wander
Leash rope has minimal stretch to maintain control even if your dog lunges
Metal leash clip rated for dogs up to 110 lbs for large and powerful breeds
E.Zee lock feature lets you briefly secure your dog’s leash to a post or table. This keeps your dog safely in one spot so you can pick up after them or tie your shoe without dropping the leash.
Designed for Years of Outdoor Adventure

This leash is designed to hold up to years of regular use in all weather conditions:

Durable, high-quality climbing rope that resists fraying
Water-resistant neoprene padding on the crossbody strap
Rust-resistant aluminum carabiner and hardware
Sturdy stitching at all stress points
Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee
With over 1,000 5-star reviews, dog owners agree this is the most comfortable and convenient hands-free leash for daily walks. The adjustable length gives you flexibility while the clever wearing options let you customize the experience to your needs.

Whether you want a completely hands-free walk, prefer giving your dog more freedom to roam, or need better control over pulling, the Andromeda leash has you covered. The thoughtful design also ensures this leash stays comfortable for both you and your dog during every adventure.

Get ready to enjoy meandering strolls together, phone or coffee in hand, without arm strain or constant pulling. This leash handle the activity you and your dog love most – exploring the outdoors together. Add the Andromeda Adjustable Hands-Free Dog Walking Leash to your cart now!


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