Amosfun Witch Hat for Pets – Spellbindingly Cute Halloween Costume!



Let your pet cast a spell of cuteness this Halloween with the Amosfun witch hat for dogs and cats! This adorable witch’s hat allows your furry friend to get in on the Halloween fun.

Enchanting Design

This witch’s hat features a classic pointed design with a wide brim. A faux green hair wig flows down from the tip to create a magical witchy look. A black band wraps around the base and a cute bow adorns the back for extra flair. Whether your pet is a dog, cat, rabbit or other critter, they’ll look spellbindingly cute!

Premium Materials

Made from high quality fabric, this witch hat is super soft and lightweight. The breathable material won’t overheat your pet. It’s also hand washable for easy care after all that trick or treating.

Perfect for Halloween Dress Up

Get your pet in the Halloween spirit! Use this hat for dress up parties, costume contests, trick or treating, photoshoots, or just hanging out on the couch handing out candy. Your pooch or kitty will get lots of smiles and compliments in this adorable witch cap.

Adjustable Size

Designed to fit most pet heads, this witch hat features an adjustable chin strap for a comfy custom fit. Suitable for small to large dog breeds as well as cats.

Approximate dimensions when laid flat: 13.5 x 3 inches. Easily adjust the chin strap tighter or looser to fit your pet’s head shape and size.

Key Features:

  • Classic witch hat shape with pointy top
  • Faux green wig hair attached
  • Adorable back bow detail
  • Soft, breathable fabric
  • Hand washable
  • Adjustable chin strap for custom fit

Complete the Costume

Pair this witch hat with other accessories like a cape or witch’s dress to complete your pet’s Halloween costume! Add a broomstick prop for the full witchy ensemble. Your pooch or kitty will be the cutest thing haunting the neighborhood this Halloween.

Perfect for Parties and Photos

In addition to Halloween, this witch hat works great for dress up play, costumes parties, pet parades, and photoshoots. Use it for fun dress up any time of year! The whimsical design looks amazing in pet photos.

Don’t wait – order the Amosfun witch hat to get your dog or cat ready for a wickedly cute Halloween!

Customer Reviews

“This witch hat is so cute on my cat Salem – very fitting for his name! He actually doesn’t seem to mind wearing it. The chin strap lets me adjust it to fit him comfortably. He gets so many compliments when he wears it to hand out Halloween candy.” – Amanda T.

“I bought this witch hat for my Yorkie Max to complete his Halloween costume. It’s really well made and didn’t fall off his head at all during our neighborhood trick or treating. Perfect size for smaller dogs. The wig hair piece is a nice touch too! Definitely recommend.” – Sarah L.

“I have three pugs who all wore this hat for our family Halloween party. They looked absolutely adorable! It fit each of their heads well and didn’t slide around even when they played rough. Great witchy style without being overly huge. Awesome quality and value.” – Michael P.


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