Amosfun Pet Pirate Hat – For Swashbuckling Furry Mates!



Ahoy! Does your dog or cat fancy themselves a swashbuckling sea scallywag? Let them embrace their inner pirate with this adorable plush pirate hat by Amosfun! Whether sailing the seven seas or your living room rug, your pet will have a blast in this pirate costume accessory.

Premium Plush Fabric

This fuzzy pirate hat is constructed from high-quality, short plush fabric that’s super soft against your pet’s fur. The lightweight material is also breathable and comfortable for your pet to wear.

Characteristic Pirate Style

This hat features a classic pirate skull and crossbones design on the front, with a Jolly Roger flag on top. The turned up sides have an authentic pirate look. Your pet will look ready to hunt for buried treasure and say “Yarrr!”

Adventure Awaits!

In addition to Halloween costumes, this pirate hat can be worn year-round for dress up play, puppy birthday parties, pet parades, silly photos, and more piratical fun. Use it to spark your furry first mate’s imagination and playful spirit.

One Size Fits Most

Designed to fit most small, medium and large dog breeds, as well as cats. Simply adjust the chin strap to achieve a comfy fit for your pet’s unique head size. Most furry buccaneers can set sail in style!

Key Features:

  • Plush polyester fabric
  • Pirate skull & crossbones design
  • Jolly Roger flag on top
  • Turned up sides
  • Adjustable chin strap
  • Fun for dress up, play & costumes

Customer Reviews

“I bought this pirate hat for my dog Jack to wear on Halloween. He looked absolutely adorable! The hat is very well made and fit his head perfectly. The plush fabric is soft and didn’t bother him at all. I highly recommend for any pet costume or dress up play.” – Mike D.

“I got this pirate hat for my cat to complete her Halloween costume. She actually lets me put it on her without a fuss! The chin strap lets me adjust it to fit comfortably on her head. She looks so cute wearing it and posing for pictures. Great quality and value.” – Amelia S.

“Our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy loves playing dress up and this pirate hat is one of his favorites for sparking imaginative adventure. It seems comfortable on him and stays put while he plays. Such a fun piece for silly costume dress up time.” – James R.

Embrace Your Pet’s Playful Side

Let your dog or cat release their inner pirate for swashbuckling dress up fun with the Amosfun pet pirate hat! Crafted from soft premium plush, it’s comfortable for everyday wear and costumes. Yo ho ho, it’s a pirate’s life for them!


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